Taking Tons of Damage


I finally decided to play this guy since the major changes for the paladin class. So i threw my guy in ret spec and started questing.

But ever since i started questing in th new zones, i have noticed i am taking a crap ton of damage. Just fighting a single mob my level i average to loose 1/3 to over half of my life, and sometimes i almost die.

Can someone look at my spec and gear to help me figure out why i feel like im playing a cloth wearing class??

The mobs certainly hit much harder these days. Taking on a few at a time can get you killed.

If the stats are accurate, you're about 6% more Hit rating you need. You have your rotations done properly, I assume?
Try questing as Prot, you still put out good damage but your survivability goes up a millionfold.
If a caster mob is casting, interrupt it. If a ground effect is on the floor, move out. If more than one mob pulls, repentance one. Use your crusade proc every time you need to.

By design, quest mobs are hitting harder. If you are not using all of the tools available to you, you will feel like a paper bag. That being said, paladins are still very durable in PvE. If you are having a hard time of it, review your tactics.
Level as prot, even holy can outperform ret atm for questing.

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