Can Paladins be Primary Healers as lowbies ?

Or must they reach a specific level for talents in the holy tree to make their healing worthwhiles ?

I don't do quests, just dungeon runs, and basically I want to know if I can level as a Holy Paladin primary healer from say 15 to 85.

Thanks for your insights.

It seems you could, but you really don't start getting "holy" mail gear till the later levels. So if you want to be a healer with cloth robes, go for it. I'm not trying to say not to but go prot until the later levels
We most definitely can.
So shoot for INT/SPI gear pre-60 regardless if its Cloth or Leather ?

Yes. You don't get the intellect bonus for wearing all plate until level 50, and even then it's not a huge deal if you want to wear some cloth stuff. Healing plate is easier to obtain once you go into Outlands and Northrend.
There's actually a few good lowbie healing mail/plate quest rewards as well now, and if you're leveling through instances, you'll get a lot of good stats from your random bag. Most likely, anyhow.
12/26/2010 2:19 PMPosted by Farranor
Always need any holy gear/prot gear that is an upgrade

You'll want the prot gear so that if the tank leaves

Did he leave because you were Needing on his gear?

I love losing tanking gear to dpsers or healers, especially when they wait for me to roll need before they click it too, because then I get to stand still and tell them to either give me the gear or leave (or vote me out and wait for another tank).

It's one thing to snag gear that would just be getting vendored... but make tanking better for everyone by not taking gear that a tank needs.
Since they revamped the 1-60 zones/dungeons, its amazingly easy to get healing gear. I healed RFC and Deadmines with white gear on, just using holy shock and word of glory. Its very easy, and its very possible.

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