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I currently own five mice (I tend to be liberal with my mice purchases), all of which still function well.

-Razer Naga (High-DPI)
-Razer Orochi (High-DPI)
-Razer Diamondback 3G (Low-DPI)
-CM Storm Sentinel (High-DPI)
-Logitech MX Revolution (Low-DPI)

My major issue on OSX is the really wonky mouse acceleration curve. This is a known issue. I typically attributed this as the cause of my problems with sensitivity settings with But, after doing some testing across all mice, high-dpi mice seem to be treated differently when the client is the active window.

The sensitivity is stable while under a low-dpi mouse across the entire OS. If I were to plug in say, the Naga or CM Storm, they operate as they should when working around the OS's general UI. As soon as I click on an active WoW window, the mouse sensitivity sky rockets, and will stay that way as long as the window is active and will linger about a minute after the window has be place in the background.

I can't wrap my finger as to why it does this. I tried this with drivers installed (for mice that have support for OSX) and uninstalled. The effect is the same. I actually prefer Razer mice without their respective drivers installed, they tend to conflict with the OSX default acceleration.

It would be really great if a resolution to this problem. I'd love to use one of my High-Dpi mice with WoW, but this issues makes it really difficult. Assuming that this is even a WoW issue?

Note: I can slow down the abnormal acceleration provided I lower the DPI (provided supporting mouse drivers are installed) but this make using the mouse outside of WoW totally unusable.

Thanks in advanced.

With WoW closed, try adding this line to your WTF/ file:

SET useDesktopMouseSpeed "1"

Also, if you're using GLL, you may need to go Windowed mode, click the desktop, and then click back to WoW each time to open and close the app.
Thank you very much. This seems to have solved my issue!
Yeah, by default, WoW's mouse speed overrides whatever speed your desktop setting is at. It's why I have a faster acceleration curve in the OS via USB Overdrive (because MS' drivers suck) and a lower acceleration curve in WoW.
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