If you rolled a paladin due to FFIV's Cecil..

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Who do?

You do!

Do what?

( Had to watch the video on youtube again just so I could remember what was next haha )

This guy, 2nd fav FF game of the series next to 7. My reasons why are my own.

Too bad when I made this guy in Apr 05 I made him a dwarf, CID ftw kinda.

You do!

Do what?

Remind me of the babe.
I did... but it was called Final Fantasy II at the time.

I still have the cart! It might still work.

You're missing out on some fun (opinion) stuff. 12 had some really fun/awesome plot points to it. The Empire's internal power struggle, Cid's crusade against Occuria, Gabranth's vendetta and the quest to regain the throne which turned into literal Divine Punishment.

FF12 easily had the most complex plot of any of the FF games, and it didn't fark around or dumb it down, either. I loved it for that. The only one that was more complex and mature IMO was 6. It's worst part was that if you set up gambits right, you could literally go AFK during a boss fight for like 15-20 minutes and not worry about losing.

13 would have come really, really close but they just had to choke-slam it down into the mud and wrestle all ambiguity and thought out of it in favor of "YAY POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! GANBATTE! *japanese fist pump*" nonsense. A game that had the possibility of being best the series laid low by coming off like an after-school special.

Squeenix really needs to get off their predestination vs. free will high horse, though.

[EDIT: Btw, best paladin in the FF series? Beatrix. Woman may as well have been a Terminator.]
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Remind me of the babe.

I saw my baby! Crying hard as babe could cry.
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Does this guy http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/1742/fftcidolfassprh.gif count as a paladin? (Cid from FFT) Cuz he's pretty much the most awesomest paladin ever, if so.

Not technically, but he was one of my favorite characters from one of the best games I have ever played.

EDIT: What made me stray towards rolling a Paladin was being one in Baldur's Gate
I loved that game sooo much. One of the best FFs IMO, and yes Cecil is the reason I chose a paladin.
I've been a paladin since Dark Ages of Camelot.
Ya spoony bard.

Yeah, if you think about it, who in FF wasn't emo?

A lot of characters.


Oh come on, there were only a handful of characters outside 8 (and everyone in that was an annoying, angst-ridden twit) who really wallowed in their own angst. A case could be made here that in 13 everyone was an annoying, angst-ridden twit also, but one of the central themes of the game was getting over your own baggage and moving on; that makes no sense if every character is a happy-go-lucky Mary Sue.

Kain is one of my favorite video game characters around.

Kain was awesome, but around the second or third time he double-crosses the party I woulda just sword-faced him for safety's sake. Dragging a guy around with chronic backstabbing disorder might make for a good story, but it kind of breaks my logic.
You obviously don't get the spoony bard reference.
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I am disappoint.


oh hi.

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