Quick question about Holy paladins...

Just curious if anyone has a holy paladin guide or talent spec I can look off of for RAID healing.

It's been a while and I just got my paladin to 85 and could use a good reference to base it off of.

Also, 300int or 300 spirit flask? Same question for food, which is better?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
I eat spirit food and use an int flask.

If you are running out of mana during a fight, you need to up your spirit. If not, go for more int.

There are multiple discussions on this board about gearing and speccing for raid heals, or you can check elitest jerk.
Ive done a couple raid bosses so far, and for one, love the pally heals in a raid (helps to have 95k mana raid-buffed)

I prefer the Int Flask with the +90 int food, I keep the spirit food, easier to obtain imo, for just running dungeons and the like.

Im not going to tell you how to heal, everyone has a style, but biggest thing, if you are not judging every 8 seconds, you are doin it wrong. This point cant be overstated

Also, I like to pop either wings or divine favor with divine plea, and the other CD with Holy Radiance, which works like a champ (used on Algaroth in Baradins Hold, and Nevir in the Conclave of Wind during his ultimate)
Your cooldowns aren't cell phone minutes, they don't roll over if you don't use them. Particularly this early in the expansion, be very liberal with all of your cooldowns, even on trash.
DP and HoS are usaully never off cooldown, even on trash. With less than 1 sec cd they help alot! Ive played my paladin and never really used them until Cat, now they are my new best friends.

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