Leveling spec?

Hey all, I have a level 56 paladin that I have decided to start leveling again, and I was wondering what spec is the easiest/best spec to level as, I'm thinking Prot over Ret, just want to get some advice from more experienced pallies.
Prot is better for taking out larger groups of mobs (like, a kill 20 of x mob) and mass pulling, or taking down elites. (EDIT) Mobs that are tightly grouped together

Ret is better for mobs that are more spread out as you will likely 3-4 shot them (If you keep a good slow 2h weapon the entire level process)

dual spec ret and prot, and switch between the two as needed. The gear is the same (STR & STAM) just keep a sheild (With a spike) a 1h , and a slow (3.4 -> 3.8 speed) 2h in your inventory at all times and youll fly through levels.
Easiest - Prot. Take no damage, instant dungeon queues.

But it all comes down to what you find most fun.
Prot all the way. I was dual-specced Ret while leveling and would switch back to it occasionally to see if it got any better the more levels I put on, but every time it seemed like I wasn't doing as much damage (mostly due to the painful loss of Avenger's Shield), and that I was way, WAY squishier. Of course Prot can take more damage, but seriously, as Ret I felt as fragile as if I were wearing leather! Just ridiculously disproportionate in my experience.

I never spent more than like six pulls as Ret before getting disgusted and switching back to Prot.
If you use Insight, Might, and Ret aura, Ret spec is FINE. (Adaliah again, changed to my pally.) I have leveld from 23-70 in the past 2 weeks so i know what its like. but then agian, i always grab the absolutely best gear i can, even if i need to spend a decent chunk of gold on weapons or armor upgrades and enchants.
Cool, thanks for the info and help guys, I'll go as prot, he was gonna be a tank in endgame anyway. Thanks again!

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