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Hello all, I was wondering if there are any proff trainers in Gilneas? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find any?
There's a single NPC that can teach any of them. She stops appearing after a while.
There's one - called "profession trainer" - for the gathering and production professions. I think it's a male worgen and you will find him near either the trainers or the innkeeper in each town as you phase through the zone.

The first aid and cooking trainers are also in the towns, but are separate people. As a tip, the first aid trainer is UPSTAIRS in one of the buildings - took me forever to find her.
First chance to learn professions as a Worgen is when you reach Duskhaven. Jack "All-Trades" Derrington is standing next to Krennan Aranas in the house with the Banker. Please note that he will not show up on mini-map even if "profession trainer" is checked. Best option to find him if you are having trouble would be to check "Banker" on mini-map.

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