Tower of Radiance

So, the 3 point talent Tower of Radiance states that my Flash of Light, Holy Light and Divine Light spells, when cast on my Beacon of Light target will grant me a charge of Holy Power 100% of the time. I kept looking it over, and when I cast Flash/Divine, it totally works. However, I never gain a charge when casting Holy Light. I submitted a ticket about it and received the standard "Thanks for letting us know" reply. Was there a fix to this? Is the tooltip not updated from a patch or is the ability actually broken? Any information would help!
they hotfixed it so that this is no longer the case...they just haven't updated the client to reflect the change yet.
it was a hox fix nerf
Thanks for the info, this makes me sad.
I played a paladin in WotLK, but it was primarily PvP Holy with amazing results. Now I'm back in the BC content healing DK's and the like. I never have mana issues, and tend to rely solely on Holy Shock/Word/Holy Light and Beacon. My poor Divine Light and FoL are kind of gimmicky right now. I remember in WotLK pve, I spammed Holy Light with ridiculous effect (the endgame mana regen and spellpower was intense). I know that can't be the case in endgame now. About when can I expect to use Divine Light? Will FoL always be for just a spotty situation? Basically I want to know if I'm retaining bad habits for end game healing >.>

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