New Abillity Names for Ret

I know We are all pissed off about the current state of ret........but can't we have a little fun with it to ease the pain? What are some good alt names for our abillities? I have come up with three

Guardian of Ancient Kings---Guardian of Ancient Retards
Word of Glory---Pray!
Lay on Hands---False Hope
Guardian of ancient wanderer

thats all mine does
How bout just call them all 'Broke'. Guardian of Ancient Brokenness, Word of Broke, Lay on Broken Hands.
Mine goes for the closest pet. It doesn't even matter if Im locked on the pets master or not. It just looks for pets and darts straight for them. I actually used turn evil on a pet attacking another player and my king ran out of the gates of slagworks after him never to be seen again. It was hilarious.

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