Holy Judgement Macro Help

Yeah I'm on my warrior. I am also a macro noob.

I have a specific macro question. I want to create a macro that judges an enemy so I can get mana back, and then immediately I target who I was healing before.

If someone can help me out or just point me to a place that could answer my question and also give me many useful Holy macros I will be a happy panda.

Im looking for pvp and pve macros.
/cast [@targettarget] Judgement

Judges your target's (tank?) target.
As far as I'm aware, because Judgement starts your auto-attack, you can't retarget your original target in a macro.
I know this doesn't answer your question. It is not supposed to. I am simply giving and alternative way of healing and casting Judgement.

This is my macro which is keybound to E to enable me to Judge the correct target without breaking CC.

/assist <Name of Tank>
/cast Judgement

Below is another macro which allows me to heal a player using the default Blizzard UI by clicking on their unit frame. I have bound most of my heals to mouse combos with Clique.

/target mouseover
/cast <Name of Spell>

The target mouseover macros allow you to simply hit your keybind while your mouse is hovering over a unit frame or the actual unit in-game. This also causes you to target them.
thanks guys

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