PVP as ret - need pointers.

Looking for tips or a guide for pvp as ret at cata. Been guessing for the most part now, please, don't QQ or tell me to go prot. I'm sticking with ret.
Ugh, most people here will say.

Guide to Successful PvP as Ret:

1) Stop
2) Re-spec holy/prot

but rets not all that bad. I think a more beneficial way to answer your question is to ask where you are having trouble.
Reforge out of mastery for either haste or crit.

PvE speccs don't do so well in PvP. If you want to improve your PvP experience specc into divinity and eternal glory. I also highly recommend Glyph of Word of Glory, and Glyph of Cleansing for PvP.
Copy my spec, as it's the most versatile without going full out damage or full out offhealing. Only use Inquisition if it's at 1HP and you have an AoW proc to use. The 30% boost to Exorcism is actually pretty damn nice.

I prefer crit, but mastery is best if you're going for all out offhealing and haste is....I dunno, I don't really like it. Some people do though.

I prefer random proc trinkets over On Use, because using the latter will force you to use it during wings and if that's dispelled the bonus simply isn't that good. However, having a proc trinket proc when you're bursting a target, then you poop wings is more effective overall.

Keep a /cancelaura Avenging Wrath macro handy. I use it against mages if I need an extra boost for HoW(I use the AW+HoW macro to begin with), but then cancel aura if he's any good. Even though it's "useless", that extra boost is awesome nonetheless.

More than anything you're just going to have to get creative.
also always stay with a group
to me feels like vanilla arms warriors. able to blow things up but needs a pocket healer to stay alive long enough to do so.

me, i go prot cause it seems more fun. and i love seeing ret pallys pop wings and try to burst me down. god bless them for trying. but without from help from a caster/healer they usually dont or wont succeed.

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