Paladins Boring at Endgame/85?

Pretty self explanatory from the title but im deciding on to level my 60paladin or my 60hunter. Before i choose one i need to know one thing: Are Paladins boring at 85?

Im also a main spec of holy and offspec is Ret.

Please respond and help me out!! Thanks!
survival blows ret out of the water

hunters can't heal
boring? no

frustrating? hell yes
yes i know..thats why im debating on. I kind of want fast que's and want to get in raids but i want to be sure i can put up a easy 8 or 9k dps
why frustrating?
I'd recommend holy/prot

ret is . . . yeah . . . right now.

prot gets instant queues
(though judging by your frost/unholy specs I take it your not a fan of tanking)
haha yes..ill give u the a terrible tank and i will never tank in my life xD
you should learn, it's not that hard once you get used to it. It's just unforgiving and thus hard to learn.
So again, i like ranged dps,like to heal but i can deal with melee dps. I would also like to get quick que's but what comes first is if the class is fun down the road at endgame. Is it worth lvling a pally or a hunter?
Yes, i will probly learn with a druid down the road
So please all paladins tell me if you think a hunter would be more fun than a pally...also list on a scale 1-10 on how fun ur pally is.TYVM!!
It's definitely not boring.
fyi, right now, at least on my server...

tank queue - instant
healer queue - 30sec-4min
dps queue - 45min+
also, hard to say 1-10, what are you measuring it against to rate it?

I switched from a hunter to a pally because I got so bored with a rotation spam.

Healing is always changing, requires quick thoughts/action, planning ahead with regards to resources.. i would say healing is more "fun" to me by far than spamming attacks.
Holy is amazing. Our prot paladin is in good shape. Our ret performs well. Can't speak on the other specs, but I'm loving Holy a lot.
My main in wrath was a hunter and my main now is this holy pally. I haven't gotten the hunter to 85 yet, but I'm really enjoying doing Heroics on the pally. I do still really like my hunter, but waiting almost an hour for dungeons isn't really worth it to me when I can get in to heal much faster and have just as much fun.
Ok ive heard some great things on hunter forums a while ago and these paladin forums.
I like both of the classes equally. going to take a vote:

With my bio on how my playstyle is on the threads above please suggest best class sutted for me. : Pally or Hunter.


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