Paladins Boring at Endgame/85?

12/27/2010 5:07 PMPosted by Xterminator

I'd assume they only read the title
12/27/2010 2:53 PMPosted by Xterminator
Pretty self explanatory from the title but im deciding on to level my 60paladin or my 60hunter. Before i choose one i need to know one thing: Are Paladins boring at 85?

Im also a main spec of holy and offspec is Ret.

Please respond and help me out!! Thanks!

As I am also main spec holy/off spec ret, I can tell you both specs are fun. Healing is challenging, yet rewarding and Ret is more fun for me than it's been in Wrath or BC. You just have to get used to both. Honestly I'd say level both up and as you go along, choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

As a hybrid, you can do all three roles; a hunter is confined to one. This is why I usually love hybrids more than pures, but that is personal preference; you can change roles if you ever want to experiment without leveling a whole new character.

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