Please Undo Tower of Radiance Nerf Blizz >.>

Some of you might not be aware but as of a recent hot fix Holy Light no longer generates Holy Power via Tower of Radiance. Blizzard has yet to fix the tooltip wording to omitt HL. In addition, the healing done by the Light of Dawn was also nerfed.

Okay I totally understand the LoD nerf as I have heard recounts of the insane raid/party healing it did and people were hardly using WoG, but why the ToR nerf? Holy Power and the mechanics to generate it were imposed by Blizzard onto us and it isnt a bad system but why nerf the very mechanics and tools you gave us to use?

This nerf would encourage play that would be detrimental for Holy Paladins:

1. Going into melee to use Crusader Strike to generate HP. Conventionally, a healer should not be in melee they should be at the back healing and not in the fray of combat. In some cases, some bosses/mobs do nasty melee aoe which would considerably make a Holy pally's job harder. Other Healing classes dont have to use their main (if any) healing mechanics/tools in melee so why should Holy Paladins?

2. Tendency to use delayed mana-inefficient heals more often as opposed mana-effiecient heals when it counts. To me it makes to sense to wait for the tanks Health to drop significantly (to reduce wasting over healing) to use a mana-inefficient heal (DL/FoL) for the sake of generating HP :/. Wheres the incentive for people to use mana-efficient heals (HL) to stablize the tank before major incomming damage other than mana conservation? Blizzard needs to reward people for using heals when appropriate.

In conculsion, Blizzard really needs to revert this ToR nerf and get pallies playing as they were intended like other healers - rewarding players for using appropriate heals for a given situation and being out of melee (for the most part).
I wondered where my holy power was. I'm glad I know now but this is a bummer.
This change happened like.. 2 weeks ago. They really need to update the talent tooltip.
1. CS is not efficient in any way for holy.

2. DL is actually quite mana efficient when cast on your BoL target when their's no overheal.

3. HL is just for topping people off, it still does that job fine.
12/27/2010 5:55 PMPosted by Velcat
This change happened like.. 2 weeks ago. They really need to update the talent tooltip.

tooltips are part of the client. They can't be updated until the next client patch.
DL isnt that mana-efficient IMHO. Spam it for like 20 secs (which I have to in some damage-intensive fights) and you very quickly.

Also, HL is fine and is not the issue I was addressing it was ToR.
don't spam DL

use it in your single target heavy damage rotation along with HS and WoG

HS DL HS WoG, it's high HPS and high HPM

it was nerfed because the HPM was way too high

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