<LaSpade Mercenary Co> (RP-PvP Merc Guild)

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Guild: <LaSpade Mercenary Co>
Server: Ravenholdt (RP-PvP)
RP status: Med-Heavy RP (however we do take in new RPers, to help them learn!)
RP Alignment: Lawful Neutral, (mercs vary from each other, but that is generally the company's alignment.)
Slogan: "We aren't paid to care! We're paid to get it done!"


Wealth, Power, Fame. All of these come with the life of a mercenary. Think you've got what it takes? LaSpade Mercenary Company can provide you with jobs and clients to keep the gold flowing. (IC recruitment)

"Is that pesky hordie givin' you a hard time while questing? How about that instance that always has the grp fall apart before 1st boss? Greetings, I'm Lanthier LaSpade of <LaSpade Mercenary Co>, here to tell you your worries are over. We're here to help... for the right price." (OOC Advertisement or services)

The story/history of the Company

Lanthier LaSpade used to be a bandit during the 1st and 2nd wars, he led his own bandit troop and they would go around looting the dead, raiding caravans, whatever they could do really! Near the end of the 2nd war, they made their way to Gilneas where they went to hiding in the hills of the Headlands, shortly after the Greymane wall was erected, trapping them in the lands of Gilneas, where they were forced to hide, and pillaged what they could... for 20 years, some would disguise themselves and go to town for trade in order to survive. When the worgen invasion occured, they resumed to plundering/looting, several were stricken with the 'curse' of the worgen, and discovered they could turn away from this life of crime, being tired of hiding like animals (no pun intended) and decided to go legit instead, and hired themselves as mercenaries for the oncoming Forsaken invasion, from that point on LaSpade turned the LaSpade Bandits to a Mercenary Company. They have been serving clients left and right ever since.


I come to the forums to spread the word of our Company, so that we may acquire more initiates who would be interested, or even to have clients in the near future who didn't know about us before. We are on the Ravenholdt server (RP-PvP), and as you all know there is a significant lack of RP on the RP-PvP servers, and we aim to bolster the RP community on this server. At the moment our guild is 1 shy of becoming 50 strong, and we are currently guild level 2.5. With that all the way, I will be using the rest of this post to explain what it is exactly, that we do.


Everyone hates waiting to find that last competent Tank, or a healer, or even sometimes DPS that know the fights and can actually DO the DPS necessary for an encounter. Why not hire one of our mercs to help you finish your instance? Or perhaps a raid? It's your money, you tell us what to do.

Instances - Most people like to instance, but hate waiting in the LFD queue for that tank, why not pay 5-35g (+ repairs if a possible wipe occurs that tank was not responsible for), to get an instant queue and get that item you desire faster? Same goes for a healer too! Heck, you could even hire our own personal party of mercs, to guarantee you get the job done properly (this goes well for trying for achievements!)

Questing - You know there is always a few group quests that take awhile to get help for due to everyone having done them and don't want to help since they don't need it. We will, and for a nice price too, (based off the quest reward), Cut us in about 30-40% of the reward (in terms of gold) and you will get those quests done! (A popular one we get used for is the Ring of Blood in Nagrand, or the Amphitheatre in Zul'Drak.

Raids - Your guild can't start raiding, or complete a certain section due to another tank, dps, or healer not logging in? Hire one of us! Our prices vary depending on the raid. Our mercenaries should not require loot from a raid.. as I will do my best to make sure all our mercs are decked in the gear the need, in hopes we are to become one of the top raiding guilds on this sever, and can help the rest of the server with the raids we aren't trying to conquer ourselves. *

*Some mercs may want an item from a raid instead of their payment in gold, in this case they will state at the beginning of the raid if they desire a particular item instead of payment (however it can't/shouldn't be an item that several of the clients desire as well, but that is up for the client to decide if they can opt for that option)

Ah yes, probably the main aspect of coming to an RP-PvP server vs a regular RP server. World PvP. Here, not only can we hire ourselves out for Instances or Raids, or even achievement assistance.. we can hire ourselves as Bounty Hunters or Bodyguards!

Bodyguard -On any PvP server, ganking happens. It's a fact, that some find to be aggravating, but I find it to be be a source of opportunity. Why not hire a bodyguard to take care of that jerk who won't let you continue your farming or let you finish that quest? Or how about that guy who is camping you? Prices vary for this... usually depends on level of client. Anywhere from 5-50g (per hour), but we will see to it you will be protected to the best of our ability. **

Bounty Hunting -We can hunt him down and make his life 'fun', by finding him and giving him a nice hello to our blades. (We don't return camp, btw. Just 1-2 kills max per bounty hunt). However, if they continue to harass our client, we will resume protecting our client and destroy the assaultant. Payments for Bounty Hunts are generally 20-100g for hunting. **

* As a side perk of hiring a bodyguard, they can naturally help you with those tough quests as well!

**(note hunting requires half payment upfront, and the second half after the deed is done)


Yes, even in RP we can get hired. For various reasons of course, however depending on the job, there probably won't be any requirement for money.. unless you desire a bounty hunt or somethin... but yes, most RP jobs, will be paid ICly, not OOCly.

Liabilities, Conflicts, etc. with the company.

A merc didn't do their job well? Or perhaps they jipped you from your money? Bring this up with our Humanoid Resources, and they will take care of any customer service issues that you need. They will see to it that the merc be punished if they had violated your individual terms of agreement for the job in question.

†† - DISCLAIMER - All prices may vary based on merc to merc, however they should be near the guidelines the company has suggested. Tipping is always welcome!

Requirements to join!

Our requirements are quite simple really, however the mandatory one is that you must be able to demonstrate you are an RPer! Doesn't matter if you're new to it, or if you're an expert. We require that everyone be some sort of RPer amongst us.

The other requirement, is to place in an interest in PvE or PvP, or both, If you're low level and want us to help you become top quality, or if you're max level prove unto us you know your stuff to become a LaSpade Elite! (which brings on more money)

--All levels may join--


Questions? Comments? Feel free to post here! We value all feedback of course ;)
Sounds most interesting... It's a shame I'm rooted here and dedicated to this guild, I would have liked to join.
Ive wanted to do something like this for a while. I hope it works for you.
Thank you :) You are always welcome to roll up an alt and join with us, if you'd like :)
Bump for great justice! And because Lanthier's a cool dude.
Another bump.
*dashes to make an alt on the server after reading*
Feel free to send me a tell in game...
This is a really neat idea!
First page. Bam.
This looks very interesting. I will probably make a character on this server, hmmmm. Yes...Yes I will!
Bumpity. Don't play there anymore really but I still <3 you RH'ers.
I wish Ravenholdt would get a real RP boost overall, from Moon Guard, and Wyrmrest Accrod..... that'd be something.
I just made a character on Ravenholdt. The name's Swires and I'm a level 1 hunter.
The best guild I've ever played in was a guild like this. (Cartel Enforcers on Twisting Nether, represent!) I'd be interested in joining.
I'm totally relocating an alt to Ravenholdt so I can join this thing. This look just awsome!

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