PVE Holy Pally Reforging/Gemming

The problem I have with Crit is, while the item budget isn't any bigger than that for haste, it has a much lower effect in practice. It takes 2% crit to see a 1% increase, while 1% haste is still a 1% throughput increase.

This is countered somewhat by the fact that haste is just boring old straight throughput, while Crit works together with Infusion of Light and Conviction to provide some extra throughput increases. I haven't yet modeled how powerful of a difference 1% crit will make in terms of Holy Light or Divine Light throughput through Infusion, though 1% crit should give an extra 0.009% throughput on Conviction ( a little underwhelming, truth be told - 50% crit would result in only a 0.45% throughput increase - yuck!)
Geez. Everyone gets so worked up.

I liked the idea of crit back when it gave us mana back. Right now, its only bonus other then occational bigger heals, is Conviction, and Infusion of Light, which only works from Holy Shock.

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I have not reforged to or away from Crit, and I'm glyphed for the extra 5% Crit to HS.

Conviction seams to always sit at 3 stacks, and my HS has a 28.6% chance to crit.
Pick up gear with these stats in this order (reforging priorities are the same):

Gem your gear in this order:

Enchants in this order:

Keep in mind, spirit drops to the bottom once you're around my level. Having more than that becomes a waste, and you will be better off increasing throughput and/or healing efficiency.

Also, haste affects Holy Radiance efficiency. EJ did the math. Check it out in link provided below.


There was a guide written for paladins by Lylthe called "Cataclysm PvE Holy Paladin Theorycrafting". You should check that out too.
I'm curious what makes you say this [about spirit]....

I say this because I have absolutely no trouble with mana on any of the fights I have done. I can do over 20k hps for several minutes sustained (Slightly less than 2 minutes to be exact) without going oom. If you're taking advantage of fight mechanics and coordinating with the other raiders well, then you should not need more spirit. However, you may find that you need more throughput on some fights.

Read my post there about Haste and why I don't like it. It has a lot of negative side effects to the way you play, and its clear advantage is not as clear as you might think.

When you look at it, you still have two options other than Haste - both of which provide benefit at NO COST. With that ALONE in mind, and the goal of maximizing efficiency (which the Haste stackers CLAIM to be doing) how can you argue against these stats in any way?

- Stat that gains efficiency only through casting cheaper spells faster, vs
- Stats that gain efficiency through every means possible, including improving the output of those same smaller spells

Tough goddamn choice, that!

Haste is good for Holy Radiance and GCD tuning, and DOES help with reaction time and overall healing output, but the moment you omit some of those benefits you lose ground VERY quickly to the other stats.

I don't dislike haste, I just think that we should use it for what its best at and nothing else - and its not best at everything, not by a long shot.

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