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About Haste and why I don't like it...I don't dislike haste...
- Rabel

Had to chuckle at this.
12/30/2010 2:59 PMPosted by Omèn
About Haste and why I don't like it...I don't dislike haste...
- Rabel
Had to chuckle at this.
Ok, well you caught me there. I have 774 rating (6%) which according to the well mathed out number on EJ for Radiance is a good plateau to shoot for. After that the rest of my stats are straight into Mastery and Crit.

But until I can hit the next plateau with Haste I will be avoiding it, and unless I can hit that level of haste without sacrificing my other stats completely, I still will avoid it.
Just like george bush did 9/11 and there was another shooter on the grassy knoll, humans will always ignore evidence shoved in their faces.
Evidence you're providing... where is it again? Looking at someone elses Armory? *laugh*

Take another look at that Theorycrafting thread, and my stats. I've already adjusted my views based on both my own experiences and stat analysis done by members of the community. If you can honestly prove to me Haste is above all else I will literally reforge my ###* on the spot - but you can't and you won't, because you're wrong.

ive used that guide and its been great so far preferably i currently stack intellect and reforge all my gear into haste i tried crit and find its not really that great as the guide says.
Doing 20k HPS and going oom in 2 minutes is not going to defeat any of the harder raid bosses...

I didn't go oom after several minutes of sustained high throughput. I last quite a bit longer afterwards. The fight I was talking about was Halfus Wyrmbreaker. On that fight, you don't need anything more than 5% mana to seal the deal once the drakes are down anyways.

I doubt we'll need much more spirit for the high end bosses just from looking at the way the top-end holy paladins are gearing. Some of them haven't reforged a single item.
in short. shut your stupid mouth, troll. kthx.
This negativity is not really welcome here. Discussion is being produced from the disagreement on stat priority whether or not its a troll attempt - please don't be like this.

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