Guardian of Ancient Kings question

I've been eagerly awaiting this spell, just to see what it's like. And as a holy paladin, I am just completely confused as to how this spell should be used. 5 doubled heals with relatively mild aoe healing every 5 minutes? 5 heals is probably not going to get me through a tough spot. I guess I can see a little more application in pvp, but in pve I don't understand the best way to utilize this spell. Anyone use this?
So your group's overall health is starting to get low. The tank is taking some big damage and 2 others are sub 50%, which is bad considering you know the boss is going to AOE soon.

Guardian goes up, you drop one last big heal on the tank, proceed to WoG crit another player, shock the next (who was still fairly high on health) which crits, and then cast a fast Divine Light on the last player who was sub 50%.

Your Guardian smiles at you and immediately repeats every heal you just did, in rapid succession, all while also AOE healing everyone a fair amount each time, easily topping the group off.

Just in time too! - the boss drops his AOE and your Holy Radiance comes off cooldown, and away we GO! :D

Its not amazing, no, but if you have to output a LOT of healing very quickly its better than anything else we have, only combined DF + AW come close, though they last longer.
Never underestimate 5 mimic'd heals. Its an emergency cool down and probably one of the best out there considering we have beacon of light as well. In short order you can bring you entire group whos all over the place and not stacked for aoe heals from 20% to 80%+ very easily.

Try and make sure the heals you cast are worth it though, a 1 poing WoG isn't gonna mean squat and likewise your flash of light will end up healing for as much as your divine light will. So TRY and set it up to where you can get away with using it with divine light but its not always possible. If its just the tank taking really heavy damage im not above using it just so i can keep spamming holy light to conserve mana.
I'm going to recant my statements. I have used it a LOT today and it's easily my favorite spell. I think I underestimated how much it was helping my first couple of times trying it out. In the right situations, it's absolutely an excellent spell. Can't wait to try it as Ret.
Yeah, I love that spell. It is flexible for the spec that you are too. :D

Tank = Prevents damage
DPS = More damage
Heal = More Heals :D

But it is nothing more than a oh crap button :P
I use it pretty decently, but only when I know what is coming in an encounter. My "oh crap" button usually still remains to be LoH.

Actually my super oh crap button is GoAK+LoH+AW+DF+Trinket+Divine shield. That will top off a group from 1% in 8 seconds, lol.
i try to keep it for when i need to use divine plea to cover 50% healing loss or when necessary when lots of aoe damage is taken.( usually during a long botched boss battle)
12/30/2010 6:49 PMPosted by Donaven
Can't wait to try it as Ret.

Don't get your hopes up. The damage doesn't count towards your total on any meter or log right now (I really want that works for Gargoyle, DRW, totem elementals, spirit wolves, shadowfiends, and everything'd think they could get it working for the GoAK), it's only roughly equal in damage to getting three crits from one of your three "big" attacks (TV, EXO, HoW), it scales your base strength instead of your actual strength for a measly little amount, and a good portion of the time, it sits around picking its nose doing nothing, especially if a target dies.
It also has a really cool animation. The few times I've used it as prot, it's given me enough breathing room to survive an encounter that might otherwise have left me a bit of pally paste on the bottom of the foot of something that was way bigger than me and VERY angry with me about smacking it with my mace.
I agree on its uselessness for rets, It does as stated by Fahoquagads. I only click it cuz my rotation is clunky and whether I like it or not his even crappier then HW aoe and extra crap 20% base str is better then nothing duringg rotation gap fillers... sigh... Suppose actually CASTING exorcism would be better...
This spell is a total LIFE SAVER when it comes to keeping a tank alive who is taking excessive damage. Lets say we are killing Maloriak, and their are 12 adds on him, but the raid missed a interrupt and the tank has 15 adds on him. This means the tank is losing 45%-65% of his health every other auto attack WITH CD's, so popping Ancient King would allow me about 10 seconds to keep him alive in time for the Green Vile to be popped and the adds to be AoE'd down.

TL:DR Version= Keeps your tank alive durings !*!@ tons of dmg. Or for healing a stacked raid.

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