How do -you- RP travel time?

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Forgive me if this has been discussed recently, but I couldn't find a post on it.

Anyway, awhile back, my S.O. mentioned that one of the WoW novels says something along the lines of it taking around 3 days to fly from Wetlands to Lordaeron*. This, combined with the new, speedier leveling experience has got me wondering how I should be RPing my characters' apparent traveling of long distances in such a short time.

Do your characters spend considerably more time traveling in-story than they do in-game? Or do you disregard the long distances between areas entirely, as to allow your characters more time to interact with others in cities?

Thanks in advance for any replies :D

*(Neither of us can remember if this is actually what it said, or even what book this was in, derp.)
I 'cheat' in that my character rides on the back of a drake, so any travel time for her is severely lessened. But if she's travelling with more than one person, said drake cannot carry them. Then the travel time lengthens considerably.
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It's really easy for mages or other spellcasters because most have the ability to teleport.
Heck yeah.

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