Pallies are the Most Underpowered Class Now

I lied. Pallies are still a fairly respectable class. Unfortunately they are boring as hell to play now. I feel like they nerfed some of the stuff that was fun to use and replaced it with cheap stuff like Hammer Time. I hate the holy power crap. I'm not a fricken rogue...well I am but my pally sure isn't. I also hate waiting for procs even more than I hated mashing whatever button wasn't on CD. I know that once you get going you usually have something you can do but when you don't casting Crusader Strike and then Crusader Strike again is the most boring thing in the world. I also feel like tanking is the same way now. I know the 69696 rotation might have been pretty boring but I feel like prot is the same as ret, just not enough buttons to keep me entertained. Also why Divine Intervention?
12/30/2010 10:37 PMPosted by Snuffy
Also why Divine Intervention?

Because it was too OP in raids, allowing 1, possibly 2 people to not have to pay repair bills once every 20 minutes. /sarcasm
It bothers me that my holy power stays with my paladin, but my rogue's combo points are target based.

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