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Hey all,

I am lvling up my paladin (lvl 24) as a captain america shield throwing guy. Is my killing power going to benefit more from int or str? or balancing both? So far I've been stacking str/stam mostly since I'm just picking up whatever greens I get, but I'm wondering if tossing some INT in there increases the damage of judgements, consecrates, exorcisms and any other abilities I'm using, or if those are flat damage? I'm guessing crusader strike and avenger shield are attack power based.

While Paladins have spell power coefficients on many attacks, always stack strength for a prot pally. Str>>Int for sure. Also, you should never use exorcism and RARELY, if ever, use consecrate. Only use consecrate if you have pulled a lot of mobs, which happens more rarely in wotlk/cata content anyways.

I say that because exorcism takes time and lots of mana to cast. Only ret or holy will be getting talents that let them cast exorcism free/instant. Consecrate also saps a lot of mana out of you, and I wouldn't recommend wasting talent points on talenting it in the prot tree.
I opted to go with strength because it affects all of our attacks. You are bound to fill up your equipment slots with str/sta so trying to toss in int will ultimately strengthen some of your attacks at the cost of weakening several others.
Strength and Stamina until you close in on the 75-80 range.

Stamina also benefits your damage based on the "Vengeance" ability that increases your attack power based on the damage done to you.
Strength and Stamina until you close in on the 75-80 range.

Why until that range? What else should a prot pally be getting while leveling at ANY time?
Stamina and Strength. You don't need any more Intelligence, you're already a Dwarf! Really though, for protection Sta/Str all the way until 75+ when you start to have to worry about dodge/parry/mastery/hit/expertise/ect.
And don't listen to the guy who said no consecrate, prot leveling is about as fun as it gets in this game - pull 10 mobs, consecrate, ret aura, seal of insight, holy shock (when you get it) to generate Holy Power, heal yourself, and watch them die.

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