Forced to watch from afar quest glitch?

i have been trying to do this quest, i have spent about 2 hours trying to find mountaineer dunstan but he is not where my arrow is indicating me, i have climbed ontop of the mountain walked all the way around and now i am actally starting to get fustrated, someone please help me!
Look carefully for a cave around the bottom of the mountain. I had the same thing happen to me a few times when i started, and every time, there was a cave i had to go in to get to my destination.
Hope this helps.
If you'd actually read the quest you'd see it says to look for the guys "in the Grizzled Den".

The Grizzled Den is the cave.
Exactly - I had a similar experience yesterday (different character) in Deepholm. Got a quest, didn't read it carefully, followed the arrow till I saw the yellow '?' but nada, nobody there. Eventually when all else failed I tried the quest version of RTFM and realized the guy was underground.
I usually look for caves too, but the quest is titled, "Forced to watch from afar" and these guys are mountaineers. The don't say anything even hinting they are in a cave. It's was a very frustrating quest.
You should've been playing when quest text was vague-r and we didn't have indicators on our world map for the general area of the quests and no new-fangled arrows pointing the way! We had to scour the internet looking for hints and help. And some quest mobs used to be super tough and killed us regularly. You guys are so lucky! /hmph

For us terminally-direction-challenged, it's a wonder how we got loremaster done. Ok, maybe it was just me.

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