Tinker Question for Holy Paladin

I was wondering which tinker would be better for Holy Paladins on our gloves:

Synapse Springs: 480 Int for 12 secs every minute.


Z50 Mana Gulper: Power-drink a Mythical Mana Potion for increased effect.

Currently using the Synapse Springs due to the fact you can only drink 1 potion per fight (not counting any kind of pre pot) and you can use the springs the whole fight.

I know my professions aren't optimal professions, so please save those comments.
Springs, by far. I barely use pots anymore...they're NICE to have, especially if you're alchemy, but that int is going to do so much for you that mere mana can't. Besides, you're a holy pally, I would hope that you're not having problems with your mana generation.
That's pretty much what I was thinking, I carry pots on me just in case, but generally my regen is fine. Thanks for confirming this for me.
Concentration Pots are way better than Mythical Pots anyway.
I took Synapse Springs. Haven't tried the Z50, mostly because I don't have any mana pots, nor a source for them (yet.) I can see myself going either way.

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