Post haste my good sir!

so they say RET is in the era of the procadin, so does that mean haste where it's at now? should i get the talent and reforge that till my CS cooldown is low enough(how low?) and on top of that haste will increase our seal stacking speed, FoL speed, and more importantly give us more exorcism and hand of light procs = sweetness

also speaking of geting those sweet and deliscious procs, i know it's tradition to swing the giant, slow, heavy beatstick, but should i now go for a qucicker weapon, say 2.50-3.00 to get more procs and apply my seal stacks faster?

so in short what is the order of importance to crit vs haste vs mastery?
how much haste is enough?
and should i go for a (somewhat) quicker weapon?

and please don't flame me, i'm a simple casual gamer who doesn't know much of anything, and i'm sure i'm not even half of the nerd that you are

but for every bit of good advice i thank you in advance
Always get the slowest, highest dmg weapon you can.
I was stacking haste as much as I could (while still being hit and expertise capped for heroics) and I thought I was doing ok. Then after reading up on MMO CHamp I took a look at a few players that are better than myself and saw they were stacking crit when they could instead of haste and so I tried that and my damage went up.

Go figure.
k, stick with slow weapons and go crit over haste, but i still hate you blizz for making haste look so appealing for my aformentioned reasons in the op
Haste is still incredibly good for Ret, but only up to a point - that being where Crusader Strike approaches a three second cool down. Search out pieces with haste, but really only after capping hit and expertise, since it doesn't matter how quickly CS comes off of CD if it never hits anything.
Currently Haste and Crit are relatively equal, with Crit being slightly better. IMO crit would be the way to go just because of the sheer lack of Crit on gear right now.

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