Please do not remove Divine Purpose.

I really enjoy playing Ret with the current method. It just needs some flat damage buffs to be competitive in raids. The randomness of the Retribution build is what makes it so very fun.
There's no need to replace a talent if you want to move Hand of Light. You could make a new one, and there could be actual choices in speccing! You could let us make some decisions about our spec or how we play. People who think spamming the same rotation is fun could have their low RNG spec, and those who like responding to situations and maximizing their priorities could enjoy the game as well. You could even make the low-RNG spec PvP favorable, so they don't have to cry when they don't proc a free TV off the first swing.
The reason it should and is being changed is because how high your dps is doesn't matter how skilled you are at the class. It depends if you get the procs at the right time. A really bad player can walk in, use Retribution and because of a lot of procs, get really high dps because they don't have to use any other mechanics because Templar's Verdict and Exorcism (When AoW procs) uses no mana and would ignore the Holy Power mechanic.

However, a really good player can go in and never see any procs and wipe the group because they met the enrage timer because that paladin had 7k instead of 20k like everyone else.

Also, the rotation is worse than the dps. I'm fine with how the dps is, assuming it stops being as random. Give us the consistent 15-17k I can hit when I get lucky and I'll be happy. But the rotation SUCKS!.

I'm even ignoring stat weights because I just want a fun rotation. Almost 2k haste and I can almost stand it. However, even in raid gear, that will only go up a few hundred.

Now, for PvP, it is hard to balance burst when some are getting a HoL proc or Exorcism proc every auto attack with a Bloodlust up so 20-25k damage every 1-1.5 seconds is too much burst. However, those unlucky enough to not see it like that won't be able to get there opponent to even acknowledge you.

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