6 Year anniversary of my time in Warcraft.

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Today marks the 6 year point in which I started playing warcraft. That's HUGE to me, so I thought I'd ask the rest of you wonderful folks out there: what made you first start playing World of Warcraft?

Edit: It's been a crazy long journey for me. I've played a warrior with spirit gear in vanilla. (I pulled with a gun. it was bad.) I've lost friends, I've made new ones, I've server transferred, race changed, and even faction changed, but all in all, it's been a ball. Lok'tar!
I started in November 2004 when it went public.

What started me? Before that I played DAOC (Dark Age Of Camelot) for 4 years solid. I occasionally tried other MMOs but always went to DAOC. It was a good game.

When I tried WOW, I never went back. All MMOs have great parts and poor parts, but the WoW team had 4+ years of feedback seeing what worked and didn't work in DAOC, and they "fixed" it's weakest areas, so it's no surprise it was better.

If you compare WoW 4 or 6 or 12 years later with the original WoW, it's the same. Every few years, whatever was tedious or a pain in the butt, they simplified, while inventing new content they hoped would work.
If this is your 6 year anniversary, you didn't play in vanilla...
Kind of a weird way to get into this game, but I didn't even know WoW was a thing until I saw the South Park Episode back in 2006, and that's what got me started playing.
Gratz OP. Hope your next 6 years is just a good if not better.

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If this is your 6 year anniversary, you didn't play in vanilla...

I think he meant the 1-60 zones when he was a newb.
I passed my 7th anniversary on February 19th of this year.

When I started playing I bought just the Vanilla box and after some hiccups I leveled to 60.

Looking back now it was not the same game it is now. Vanilla was full of bugs and other stuff that simply did not work right. Those that say Vanilla was better have simply forgotten how bad it really was.

After making 60 I did a few raids and dungeons and they were pathetic. So I went out and bought the Burning Crusade expansion ans continued leveling. Outland was simply the worst leveling experience I have encountered in the game to date. It is still an area I will not ever quest in anymore after that experience. I did make it to level 70, then I went out and bought Wrath.

Leveled to 80 and began hard core raiding. My computer was not that great but I managed to struggle through ICC and the other raids. New computer was purchased.

I basically did the same thing in Cataclysm, Pandaria and now in WoD.

Still playing and having fun with my guildies.
The only reason I Started Playing WoW 9 years ago is because Sony Entertainment Destroyed their own amazing game. Star Wars Galaxies
03/20/2015 12:40 PMPosted by Odin
what made you first start playing World of Warcraft?

It was due to launch soon and my friends and I were scattered across 4 or 5 different mmo's at the time, so we all started WoW together at launch.
I knew about it for a while but only started when I bought the season 10 of South Park. It came with a free trial disc.
My friends tried the beta, but said it wasn't ready for prime-time, but had potential. So, towards the end of Classic, they tried it again, and told me I'd like it. Haven't unsub'ed since.

They might have been right. >.>
I had played all the Warcraft games. When it came out a friend of mine wanted to play, but she didn't want to play alone and knew I had played Warcraft. So she asked me to play with her. She stopped playing a while ago, but I still enjoy playing. Since I don't get out much it's something I can do at my leisure and still be able to talk with other people and friends who still play but aren't local to me anymore.
03/20/2015 12:40 PMPosted by Odin
(I pulled with a gun. it was bad.)

That's what warriors did back then. I remember in BC competing with them for ranged weapons. Some guns even had strength on them. Fury warriors also competed with rogues for gear; some of their BiS was leather.

Anyway, this will be my ninth year (damn, time flies). I started a month or so after the Naxx patch and this character was my first. Back then, hunters dual-wielded daggers or swords, we didn't get the ranged ability until I think level 6 and we got our pets at level 10. We used mana and some of our gear had intellect on it. At least, I thought it was our gear--I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't really know the difference between shammy and hunter gear until after I started raiding. And even if it did have agility on it, hunters and enhanced shammies fought over it--until a fury warrior would swoop down and snag it for themselves.

Wow was my first MMO and though I've played others, I keep coming back. There's just something sumptuous about the worlds Blizz creates, even at it's most destroyed. I've not liked certain areas (old Shadowmoon Valley or the Plaguelands), but I have never looked around and thought, "Blah." I've said this before, but I was utterly seduced when I stepped into Shadowglen the first time and saw all the lush colors. No other MMO has come close.

The rest of the game ain't too shabby either.

Edited to add that I had a crummy laptop when I first started playing, so for the longest time my hearth was in Auberdine, where I could catch a boat to where I needed to go. The little village caused less stress (my laptop would at times overheat and shut down) and somewhat better frame rates than any of the major cities (Stormwind was a slide show). It was "home" for all of Vanilla and a good chunk of BC. I actually felt grief when in Cataclysm, Auberdine and Darkshore were destroyed and many of the NPCs killed.

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