695 Shadow Priest 3/10 Mythic XP

Guild Recruitment
My guild just recently broke up after many years and here I am looking for a home to fill the void.

Looking for 2-3 day raids, not exceeding 12 hours a week. Prefer 2 days at 5 hours each. Flexible on the days except Thursdays due to constant work change of schedule on that day (unless of course you are ok with me missing random Thursdays here and there). I am available between 4:00-9:30 pm PST on those days.

5/7 Mythic Highmaul (on a limited holiday schedule) and 3/10 Mythic BRF xp.

Long time player since Vanilla. Played Holy and Disc until Mists where I switched to full time Shadow, so I have extensive knowledge on all specs of the class.

Have a disc off set, as you can tell in my logs, which can be found here:


Can also look at my vids here for ui.


Top 95% percentile for all heroic kills (half being 99% parses). Mythic logs are first kills and offspec so take them with a grain of salt.
<Vex> (7/7m 8/10m) was formed at the beginning of Burning Crusade and has only grown stronger since then. We are a semi-hardcore, progression focused raiding guild on Gorefiend-US.

We raid Monday-Wednesday (Thursday is added for progression, normally only 1-2 weeks max) from 8pm EST until 11:30pm EST.

Exceptional players not listed above are also encouraged to apply!

Website for more information or to apply: http://vex.guildlaunch.com/

If you have any questions, please add me to battletag: miu#1977 or Reth Illwrath#1891,
<Death By Design> (10/10 H BRF, 2/10 M BRF) is recruiting skilled dps for its core mythic Blackrock group.

Our primary raid days are Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:30 pm -11:30pm EST. We also run an optional Sunday raid. Contact "Shiftz" in game or at real id: Jdubbz#1498 if interested. You may also visit our website for more details. http://deathbydesign.tealle.com/
well...if you can fix the thursday in any way, i think we would make a match!
If you have any other guildmates from your disbanding guild, send them to me! Always looking for quality players.
<Coalescence> 4/10M
Raid times: T/W/TH 8:45pm-12:30am EST
Let's chat!
For more info please look at the post linked below!
Hey Star, our guild <Ascent> on US-Thrall is currently in need of a strong shadow priest.

We are 7/10 Mythic, and raid Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sun from 7:30-11PM Est. I realize that's not exactly what you're looking for, but if you can make it work and are interested in the next steps, please add my btag Asag#1636. Cheers.
Last Chapter
5/7 M 10/10 H 3/10 M
we raid tues,weds+thurs 8:15-11:15 pm est
we are in need of some heals/dps

Tank Needs-
Pref BM Monk/ Blood Dk
will consider anything but Prot War though

Heal needs-
Holy Priest
Resto Shammy
Resto Druid
MW Monk
any strong healer besides a disc will be considered though.

Dps Needs-
Ranged Dps
any strong dps applicant will be considered.

contact me at xnjxcrash#1556

or apply at www.lastchaptergaming.com
hi! i'm from <instant dollars>

we're currently 5/10M, and we raid 6-9PST t/w/th, 9 hours a week

we're a pretty chill group of people that love to joke around yet get things done

i'd love to talk to you if you're interested

I realize you said Thursdays were bad for you but I figure I'd give it a shot anyways because I think everything else is in line of what you're looking for in a guild with what we have to offer. We're a hardcore, 3-night guild on Alliance and just after 2 weeks of forming we are 5/10M with 1% wipes on Operator Thogar. We're in need of a solid shadow priest along with a few more players to solidify our raid roster. If you're interested or would like to chat, add my battle-tag below.

Novus Ordo
Novus Ordo is a hardcore guild that originally formed in 2009 and was the top guild on the server during its time. We have recently reformed for Blackrock Foundry.

5/10M in 2nd week of Reforming

Our second week a guild was this Tuesday, March 17th, and we cleared 4/10M. With most of our core, returning raiders being Top 50 US experienced, we plan on fully clearing Mythic BRF prior to the release of Tier 18. After just 2 weeks of reforming we've quickly rebuilt and are already back in Mythic. We're looking to fill the holes in our roster with more solid players. We don’t just take anyone into our ranks.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 7:30pm EST - 12:30am EST
Wednesday: 7:30pm EST - 12:30am EST
Thursday: 7:30pm EST - 12:30am EST

We schedule ONE 20-minute break half-way through raid, the time will vary based on where we currently are. We don't expect to waste time with 3 minute breaks and half the players come back 5+ minutes later.

As we are currently rebuilding, we offer alternative interviews via battle-tag and extensive verbal interviews on Teamspeak, if you prefer to do so.

Guild Website: http://novusordo-guild.enjin.com
Visit our guild website to find out more information about us and to fill out an application.

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding anything guild related, feel free to contact one of the players below in-game or via battle-tag.

Guild Master: Aeshur (Battletag: Aeshur#1775)
Co-GM: Stingy (Battletag: Stingyring#1147)
I will take a look at all the replies. Also edited title and main entry.
Best shadow priest NA, imo.
Hey Stardust, I know my recruitment post is gonna say we arent recruiting spriest, but after seeing your logs i'v had a change of heart. Heres some info.

<Bench Core> 7/7m 7/10M

About the guild : <Bench Core> - Zuluhed formed one week after mythic BRF released, and our progress so far speaks for itself. We maintain a laid back atmosphere, but we are serious when we need to be. We have a youtube channel with our kill videos to see for yourself.

We require that all players be competitive, meaning you take the extra time to compare logs, research your own class, and improve every step of the way to better benefit both yourself and the guild going forward.

Youtube link to our channel so you can see our kills and raid environment below!


Our website:

Currently recruiting -
EXCEPTIONAL DPS ( You know if you are or not. )

Holy Paladin (Very High!)
Hunter (Very High!)
Boomkin (High!)
Fury / Arms Warrior (High!)
Enhance Sham (High!)
Unholy DK (High!)
Warlock (Medium)
WW Monk (Medium)
Rogue (Medium)

We raid Mon - Thurs, 8PM - 12PM EST

We have a 5 person loot council. We distribute loot based on what we think will benefit the team most. We also take performance into consideration, attitude, and future progression bosses.

Add kneezy1337#1990, or Studmuffin#1750
Hey Stardust! Proximity is a 5/10M guild on Bleeding-Hollow (High pop.) We are a group of friends who enjoy raiding at a competitive level and excel at it. We are looking for 1-2 more to replace some dps that arent able to keep up with most of our core. Our raid times are Tues/Wed 8-12 EST and sundays 10:45-1:30. On our offraid nights we're always in TS either gearing each others' alts/doing CMs or going to do stupid !@#$ like kill normal butcher in 30 sec :P Feel free to check out our logs on proximitybh.com and you can check out our kill videos at https://m.youtube.com/user/ESSThuNdA/videos
If you have any interest add Karmi7#1171 for a quick chat
Hey Stardust, we could really use a solid shadow priest. Judging from your guild history and logs, I think you could be an excellent fit. A short spam below, but check out our website for more information.

Lethal is the top progression guild on Thunderhorn raiding a light schedule of 2 nights per week. Right now we are in need of a few exceptional players.

6/7M Highmaul
10/10H BRF
6/10M BRF

Raid Times:
Tues & Thurs 7-11 CST

If you're interested, please add - Syllass#1576 - or check out our website for additional information.

Other btags to add - Escape#1210 or Match06#1519

<Infinity> is recruiting 690+ DPS for our Mythic progression roster. We are 8/10M BRF and 7/7M HM. We raid nine hours per week: Tu/Wed/Th from 8-11 EST.

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on realID (Tigerlily#1407), or you can go to infinitewipes.com and submit an application.
<Inactive> 4/7M 10/10H is a late night Alliance raiding guild on Sargeras (US) with an extremely stable group needing more strong additions to round out our core Mythic Foundry raid team. We are a late night guild with a hardcore progression mindset, while maintaining a relaxed schedule of 9 hours a week.

Inactive was formed at the start of Siege of Orgrimmar. Our roster includes a core group of 6 players that have raided at a high level together since the beginning of Burning Crusade. We have grown strong and have had some great additions since our formation, including members with top 150 US raiding experience.

We are currently recruiting a handful of DPS as well as 1-2 healers to round out our exceptional raid team. To have immediate consideration, players are required to an extensive heroic/mythic raiding background with recent logs. While players are not required to have logs, it is highly encouraged and will improve your chance at being accepted.

-Able to clearly communicate on Mumble
-Have a long history of Heroic(Mythic) progression raiding
-Able to raid late nights without it hindering your performance
-Come to raids prepared and on time
-Contribute to the raid/guild, not just here for the ride

Raiding schedule: All times are server time (CST)
Tuesday - 11:30 to 2:30am
Wednesday - 11:30 to 2:30am
Sunday - 11:30 to 2:30am

Our current recruitment needs are:
Holy Paladin: High
Resto Shaman: High
Disc Priest: High
Resto Druid: Medium

Ret Paladin: High
WW Monk: High
Death Knight: High
Shaman (Ele/Enh): High
Rogue: High
Warrior: High
Mage: High
Warlock: Medium
Druid (Kin/Feral): Medium

***ALL exceptional players, regardless of spec, are encouraged to apply***

Please add Rintoul#1687 OR Roggan#1951. You can also visit us and apply at inactiveguild.com
8/10 mythic BRF horde guild on Kil'jaeden looking for DPS for mythic progression.

5:30 - 9 pst Monday-Thursday


<Mind Games> - Illidan US ( 6/7Mythic and 7/10Mythic )

Hey We are Currently Looking For Exceptional Ranged DPS. If you can make our times and not fail to Easy Avoidable Mechanics .We Do Require you to provide us with your Logs So make sure those are available . I would love to talk to you sometime . I am Currently online . Feel Free to add me Btag- Doon#1644 .

Timings :
Tuesdays to Thursday (Including Wednesday) - From 7:30 - 11:30 .
* Optional Mondays. We dont Enforce this and never will . This day is basically for fun .

If you love reading spam you can check our Recruit Thread lol .

And If you Think you like us already Apply on:

My btag : Doon#1644
<Vile> Mal'Ganis [US] Horde Guild Open Recruitment!

Defmonk#1406 [Raid Leader]
katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/
Website: http://Vile-Guild.Enjin.com

Recruitment Needs:
Currently recruiting all classes and specs to expand our raid roster for both of our 20M Weekday and Weekend Raids! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to slay dragons a few times a week. We raid because we love the game and want to find like-minded people. We believe in team play and solid individual performance. While your raiding resume might be cool, we care more about attitude, what you can actually do in the moment, and what you bring to every single raid night, than your past accomplishments.

Raid Times:

20 Man (Mythic)
Days: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
Times: 7:30-11 Server (CST)
Loot System: EP/GP

20 Man (Mythic)
Days: Friday and Saturday
Times: 8-12 Server (CST)
Loot System: EP/GP

RBG Needs:
People with Most if not all Primal gear Mumble/Skype, working mic and knowledge of PvP with BG targets Add-on.

Normal and Heroic Modes:
Any and all Interested In running as a guild to get extra gear for our Mythic Raids. These will occur typically at 5 PM CST before our regularly scheduled mythic raids. If the majority of the raid still needs Heroic then we will do Normal at 5 PM and if they do not we will replace Normal with Heroic.

Challenge Modes Needs:
Players with knowledge of the fights and difference between both heroic and Challenge modes. Your gear set for the Challenge Modes is gemmed and enchanted correctly. Mumble should be installed.

About Us:

Well we are a current content progression Raiding guild social and friendly to others, We have a sense of Humor and Like to send jokes back and forth, With that being said we are a mature Guild environment and have A lot of helpful people in the guild with almost anything! We do look to make sure people wanna play this game and not have us play it for you! We have been around for a while and have the stability to offer you as a member!

What We Can Offer You:

  • Active guild with lots to do on a server with a great economy!
  • Fair trial selection process!
  • Friendly and helpful players!
  • Repairs and potions and flasks for Raiders!
  • All Guild perks unlocked!
  • Active Guild forums!
  • Stability of a Guild that has been around since 2010!
  • Be sure to check out our Website!

    How To Get In:
    First thing to note all of our spots are competitive for any candidate, and will remain so to keep a steady and active roster for our teams!
    There are a few ways to get in! If you currently reside on Mal'Ganis message anyone in the Guild at any time and then get in touch with an Officer. If you are Cross Realm make sure to visit our website and fill out our application in the recuitment tab as best you can, we can then get in contact with you. Also you may add our B-Tag and get in touch with us VIA in game whisper and set up an interview!

    Still not sure? Check out our Live Stream on Raid nights!

    ***Note now if you are on a different server currently and plan on finding a new guild we do offer a cross server trial before you decide to transfer. With this being said alliance can also faction change before transfering to see how our Guild suites your needs and yours ours.

    Defmonk#1406 [Raid Leader]
    katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

    Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/
    Website: http://Vile-Guild.Enjin.com
    Hey Stardust! We would absolutely love to talk to you about a core spot. I know our raid days are tuesday - thursday, but we're more than willing to work around your schedule! Guild spam follows :)

    Raiding Information:
    Semi-Hardcore 20-man Progression Team
    Website: http://conviction-kj.enjin.com
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Times: 8-11pm Eastern (7-10pm Central, 5-8pm Pacific)
    Loot System: Loot Council
    Progression: 3/7M HM, 10/10H - 1/10M BRF

    We in <Conviction> are looking for like-minded individuals who are wanting to progress current content in a lax environment, during a light 9 hour a week schedule.




    Rogue - Very High Priority
    Fury Warrior - Very High Priority
    Deathknight - High Priority

    Elemental Shaman - High Priority
    Warlock - High Priority
    Shadow Priest - High Priority
    Boomkin - High Priority
    Mage - High Priority


    Regardless of listed Recruitment, all exceptional players contact us!

    We want active players who not only log on for scheduled raids, but also socialize in guild whether it be PvPing, talking on Mumble, old content, achievement farming, alt runs, etc.

    We expect all of our guild members to play with progression in mind. We want individuals who can maintain 90% attendance for the 3 day schedule we have allotted. We expect all applicants to be able to maintain 100% attendance during their trial period (excluding exceptional circumstances).

    All raiders must have a stable internet connection, working mic, come to raids on-time, and be fully prepared for the fights ahead. We expect our raiders to know as much about a fight before even stepping into the instance.

    We currently use Mumble as our VOIP server.
    It can be downloaded at http://www.mumble.com

    You must have a working Headset and use it. Especially if you play a critical role in raids.

    Contact Information
    Guild Master: Exoliah - Exoliah#1795
    Ranged Officer: Vaultic - Verticolie#1774
    Me (Tachini): Solstice#1557

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