Warcraft: The Gnome, Robes and the WARDROBE

Transmogrification was introduced in the game with the grand opening of the Dragon Soul Tier as feature to give players more choices. In a matter of months this technology became a signature style of gameplay with many dedicating countless hours in the creation of the best looking and most unique sets.

We have ‘transmog’ resemble iconic characters from other games while we have color coordinators, texture seekers and the weapon enthusiast design, on a given week, thousands of combinations never before seen.

The hashtag on Twitter #Warcraft is the example of the power to entertain players online with previews of their new creations, blogs on each item, how to obtain them and why they works with the set.

Come Wildstar and Rift, two MMORPGs announced this week the creation of their own wardrobe concept to give players an on-the-go tool to express their creativity and show off their creations.

How can World of Warcraft embrace this idea?

Proud to present the Change-Me-A-Tron T2015, a portable wardrobe created by master Gnome engineers and “borrow” by crafty Goblin tinkerers.

At first glance an ordinary pad players can activate at any time, any place… Anywhere!

Always looking your very best as prime directive, you step inside triggering the mechanism launches the in-game wardrobe and UI where you can choose from a vast library of collected gear each piece you want to apply to your new creation. With a click of a button you can even save your new set and then share on Twitter with friends.

The Change-Me-A-Tron T2015 is built with a bottomless vault turn all your collected armor into “ready to be learned” items (much in the fashion of the Heirloom tokens currently available in-game). Once the piece is learned you will never have to collect it again for any character in your battle.net account!

The goal? To free up space for players bank and Void Storage while organizing in categories with an index the armor sets they collect.

(Weapons could be left out of the wardrobe function to give purpose to some of the space made available per capita).
There was a candid tweet by one of Blizzard developers said among other things “…we have to be realistic this is a ‘for profit’ company…”

How does the idea create opportunity ‘for profit’ for Blizzard?

Easy. The Change-Me-A-Tron T2015 can be a ‘Shop’ feature players can purchase along with the following:

How to market the wardrobe for sale?

By launching a campaign called: Very Vanilla offering players newly improved, high definition versions of the Tier 1 Armor from Molten Core. Each class (including Death Knight and Monk to off-set the lack of choices available) will have their iconic sets ready to purchase via the Shop.

A player buys the armor set they like and will receive two items in their mailbox. First is the voucher to exchange in game for the wardrobe pad, and the second is a lockbox containing their new armor set (Like MOP Challenge Modes sets).

You can buy one; you can buy them all! The choice is yours.

The campaign will have “seasons”, just like in fashion, bringing improved vintage Tier sets for players to purchase. An idea for the seasons could be:

Season 2 (Tier 2): Draco-nifique

Season 3 (Tier 2.5): The Bug is back in Vogue

Season 4 (Tier 3): Death has its Veil on You

Burning Crusade

Season 5 (Tier 4): Exotic Style Me

Season 6 (Tier 5): From the Ashes, Fashion Rises

Season 7 (Tier 6): You are NOT Well Dressed

Season 8 (Tier 6.5): The Eternal Spring Collection

Moving on through each tier in the game up to MOP to complete players’ wardrobe collection with HD choices they can, later on, mix and match.
What else is in for you the player?

An achievement thread for completing not only the collection of new sets, but also those Legacy armor sets from the original instances. Let’s elaborate:

By “learning” the pieces you have collected you will form item sets (minus Bracer, Belt, Boots and Ring (Vanilla Sets)). Each set belongs to a category toward an Achievement having a total of 5 Sets per Achievement.

Once you have completed them all you get the title: Mister (Male Character) or Dame (Female Character) along with a unique fashionable vanity pet.

What is this about ‘Legacy’ Armor?

Those sets we all collected throughout the years deserve admiration and a sense of style not only how long it took us to finish them but the perils we faced while wearing these Tier sets in current content.

A separate FOS Achievement would be added for completing Legacy Tier sets.

NOTE: The wardrobe is not limited to Tier Armor but any other piece(s) fits within the Transmogrification policy in game organized into sets.

The hubs for this, in game for RP purposes, could be the City of Darnassus (Alliance) and Silvermoon City (Horde) to add a touch of elegance to the concept. Perhaps locate the Tailoring trainers by the ‘fashionistas’ Wardrobe NPCs.


World of Warcraft as MMORPG has developed different tones with which players can spend their time online since the days of the City of Stratholme Raid.

For a group everything boils down to the bottom line and working the magic of the Auction House for profit. Others aim to be Montacular! while collecting rare, most intriguing mounts available in the game.

Last, there are the pet battle masters travel around Azeroth, Draenor and Outlands looking for the coveted little champions to join their collection.

Transmogrification is a sub-culture joining our in game society as an alternative to the mainstream (PVE – PVP) available.

The wardrobe function has been one often suggested to Blizzard and yet never implemented, however the time is ripe to consider as competitors have shown their own approach to this idea.
Perfection. Pure perfection. I am quite fond of the concept of remodeled classic sets to go into the wardrobe as a reward for achievements, completion, etc. There is a definite Raiding with Leashes feel to the concept, which has revitalized older content for a lot of players, especially collectors. Glad you mentioned that the wardrobes should not be tier specific, but instead a focused collection effort for players.

Yes, this should be a thing. :p
I support this fully. While void storage and larger bags have helped me out with this xmoging problem. I have always felt that the game was lacking something in some fashion. (slight pun intended) I didn't realize that this might be what it was until you posted this. Fortunately I too follow mogsaddiction on Twitter or I may have missed this. Hopefully this gains traction! Here's to good luck!
I think the store idea is a great one for updated models, which would offset the development cost of creation. So long as they don't tie achievements to the store purchases, I think it would be grand. Considering the store helms are $15 each, I'm a little scared at how much they might charge for entire set of armor.

Another source of profit is reducing attrition between content releases, since the collectors continue to play when they are out of fresh content for the moment. Keeping people playing is the primary goal, so hopefully the wardrobe idea you presented will serve both needs. :p
Having reread the post, I think my only concern would be that the Change-Me-A-Tron T2015 should be available to all players, through questing, garrisons, or achievements. I like the concept of premium armor sets being sold through the store, but the feature to make armor into a collection should be universal. :p
It could be made into a Rare Garrison Mission provided the development of the feature makes it for Warlords of Draenor, though this could be an additive option just like the Character Boost service.

For example, players could choose to wait for the Garrison mission to appear leading to the quest line to earn the wardrobe pad or they could opt in to receive it for free after buying one of the Armor Sets at the shop.

I didn't want to toy with the idea of pricing on my original proposal because it is something best figured out by Blizzard based on previous products have been sold at the shop, however for the 'seasons' concept to work I imagine should be something affordable for everyone (casual-to-hardcore collector).
Aeolian makes a great point to consider calling the armor sets "Premium" and leaving the ones in game as "Legacy" creates a nice Index for the UI while enhancing the collectible aspect of Transmog.

Personally, I love to find new pieces go well with old sets to enhance their look without taking away from the original concept, for example the Cataclysm Set using a robust belt from Cataclysm PVP came with chains as texture. It revitalizes the old while keeping it close to the same.

These armor sets through the Shop could do the same for a number of sets people have customized.

From the HD design POV, I'm would buy in a heartbeat the Shaman Tier 1 set designed with textures and effects weren't available at the time in the game. The magma flow would make it look sharp.

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