[H]Niflheim-Barthilas GMT+8 - (6/8M) LFM!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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<Niflheim> - Barthilas, is a GMT+8 raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players as well as like minded players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then <Niflheim> wants you!

We are also recruiting for 5man mythic+ if it suits you more as a casual player.

Current Progression
6/8M Uldir

What we expect from you
  • Able to commit to near 100% attendance
  • Know your class well and be prepared for fights
  • Having the desire to clear current content

Raid Times
Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 12am Server time to 3am Server time (9pm - 12am +8GMT)

Usual Raid time: 11pm - 2am server time
Daylight savings Raid time: 12am - 3am server time


Death Knight

Death Knight



If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, you may also apply at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe78_xN5TY_3KsDHDUI4PGc7qdUaRS7I-uahuroxW9U-0-kVg/viewform or you can leave a message below. You can also add your ingame name or Btag here. Lastly, you may also contact Akíza (Akiza#11139) in game.
Still looking!
Looking for exceptional players!
Always looking for more good players!
Hello Vind
Still looking for more interested players!
Looking to strengthen our roster!
Where's everyone???
still looking
could u contact me my btag is demonraiser#1598
so hard to find pple....
need 690 prot pally?
Hi Iskatuu, do u mind leaving your btag so that we may contact u ingame? Thanks.
Still looking for more friends to slay pixels with!
Hi! Are you guys still recruiting Hunters? 6/7M (pre BRF), (9/10H currently) had to stop raiding with my guild due to work shedule changing, and have been pugging ever since. I'd like to get back to Mythic raiding and your raid times match my schedule. btag is grass#1236. cheers
More DPS please.

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