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I know @ threads are frowned upon on these forums, but you didn't play on Kirin Tor in Vanilla did you?
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D-I-S-S-I-N-G plebswhodon'tgemorenchantorknowtheirrotation
I did!

Sadly, though. I am not the "original" Rhinjet - he and I were good friends even after he left the game in BC. My druid's original name was Abryanna. I raided in <Denizens of Azeroth> which switched over to <Relentless Dawn>.

All RD's Druid's during AQ40 (original Rhinjet is on the far right, I'm third from the right)

Like the original Rhinjet, I ran around causing many shenanigans with Slade and <The Iron Crane>. I was one of Slade's WSG flagrunner from level 26 (when we first met) and on and helped him RP Alertac Valley defense (back when it would go for days).

Sneaking into Undercity…

I was also a founding member of Los Banditos (Relentless Dawn and Iron Crane invading many horde towns or terrorizing WSG)


Who were you on Kirin Tor?!
I only played on KT to dabble in PvP as I was still maining on another server, but I played an Orc Hunter named...damn what was his name. Mortandantilus ...Mortalius? I don't recall honestly, it was a long time ago and I probably only played him for a couple months before moving to Thorium Brotherhood when that came out. Rhinjet and I had quite a few encounters in WSG and the PvP community was pretty friendly on that server back then.
Nice! I probably cursed one or more of your ice traps from time to time then =P

The PvP community was very friendly and yet competitive. LOTS of great times.

Did you know Waar, Female Tauren Warrior? That's who I remember the most and gave me some of my biggest fits getting the flag out of Horde's base.
Quintus and Rhinjet sittin' in a tree

M-I-S-S-I-N-G theglorydaysofvanillawherethemenwerementhewomenweremenandhuntersmeleed
I remember the a female Tauren PvPer more than anything, I can honestly say that I don't remember many people beyond that. I went back to KT at the beginning of Cata and the server was a shell of its former self, though I think that's accurate of all RP servers save this one and I assume MG.
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Does this mean Astrid is my mother?
Shes a mother something.
03/26/2015 03:33 PMPosted by Shìrt
Does this mean Astrid is my mother?

I said "yissing" not "yiffing".
Abry <3

Hope you're doing well.
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I hate when threads that I made get bumped. Go take a swim in the molten span, Slade.

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