<Grown Ups> US-Korgath[A] Recruiting DPS!

Guild Recruitment
<Grown Ups> is recruiting for Hellfire Citadel!

We are particularly interested in the following: Ranged dps. All classes and specs are welcome to apply!

We raid Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8:30-11:30PM (Central)

Learn more about us and our raid progression: grown-ups.us

We are seeking mature gamers to join our established guild on US-Korgath (PVP).

<Grown Ups> was established late in The Burning Crusade expansion, and has been raiding end-game content for more than six years. We're not just a flash in the pan! Our roster consists of skilled, adult players, who balance a passion for gaming with work and family.

We will consider applications from exceptional players of any class or spec. Members are encouraged to have raid-competitive off-specs to increase our roster's flexibility.

We boast an already diverse membership and we welcome mature applicants of any background.

Visit our website (grown-ups.us) to learn more about our specific recruiting goals and raid progression!
Still looking!
Still looking for a resto druid and resto shaman to join our team! Check us out at www.grown-ups.us
HFC has started, bump for new content!
Bump for more dps applications.
Heroic Progression: 7/13
Normal Progression: 12/13

All players welcome to start tonight!
8/13H, 13/13N.

High demand for holy priest, resto druid and dps dk. Open recruitment for all dps. 685+

Any backup tanks with solid offspecs considered.
12/13H, need more bodies for mythics. still need some extra heals that can double as dps and dks.
High preference to dual spec resto/feral drood. Warr, dk, hunter, rogues also wanted.

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