690+ Raiders looking for Mythic guild

Guild Recruitment
We’re a group of mythic raiders looking for a new guild to raid with.
693 Brewmaster Monk
690 Unholy Death Knight
690 Discipline Priest
691 Rogue (any spec)

About us:
We’ve been raiding in a heroic and then mythic guild on Misha for the last 1.5-2 years, Equinox. The guild has been slowly losing people since the start of WoD and the raid leader left the game a few weeks ago. The guild tried to keep momentum, but eventually stalled out. We raid to progress and to clear content, not to for loot, and thus we’re looking for a new home.

Our Progression:
T15: 11/13 Heroic
T16: 14/14 Heroic before 6.0
T17: 5/7 Mythic HM, 3/10 Mythic BRF

What we’re looking for:
A guild that raids 3 nights a week. We’re available Sunday-Thursday, ~7 pm EST to ~12 pm EST.

We’re looking for a guild that’s at least 5/10 Mythic. Although that’s slightly more progress than our previous guild, it’s what our guild would have easily been if it hadn’t been plagued by attendance issues this last month.

We’re currently alliance and would prefer to stay alliance, but will consider going horde.
And a Shadowpriest too :P
well i wish you the best of luck, i cant imagine too many guilds will be as progressed as what you're looking for and need that many players, unless they are looking to fill bench slots wont waste your time with my btag considering how far behind we are than what you're looking for :P so again good luck on your search!
Hey there, we're quite interested in talking to you, if you're looking for a new home, the best method of contact would be to add me @ my battle tag, or ingame, thank you :).

We're Game Over on Proudmoore, we transferred due to our server dieing and having a horrible population ratio Eredar was our home previously. We moved to a PST/PVE/VERY high pop server onto which we've been thriving and growing larger as well as finding wonderful talent on our new home. We've been around since late wotlk, and have earned nearly every alliance first since our creation. We've cleared all content since our creation as well as countless alliance firsts in every aspect along the way. We've never cancelled raids nor ran shorthanded in our existance, we have a long tradition of close friendships within guild as well as a low-turnover rate among new members as we're very selective of new membership. We're a 20 man Mythic raiding team with SIX independent twenty man teams within guild all of which are in mythics as well. 6/7M HM, ( close to 7/7m ). 10/10H BRF 5/10M, Current Content.14/14 H 13/13H 16/16H 25m Previous progression. We pride ourselves on having a good community within guild, as well as a very large, and active playerbase. We dont have clicks, sects, or groups of people who dislike one another and squabble. Also for videos on us checkout GameOverEredarUS @ youtube. We also live stream all raids.

We're are a Pve guild, but we also host Guild Rbg's a few times a week, We're also big on arenas and preform bg's. We're Dkp based of which is wiped every new content as well as hosted on webdkp.com. We also run all previous content raids guild only throughout the week, we're big on achievements as well as transmorg here. We also have every kill listed on youtube as well with full video. We run guild only challenge modes daily, have all golds now long completed. We run nearly all content with guildies only, we like the fact we have a very tightknit feel and close community despite being large.

We raid Tue/Thur/Sun 8-11:30/12 EST

We're recruiting for core and bench spots in every team which run multiple varied days/times, the best way of contact is through real id however a forum app works well also. Looking forward to hearing from you

Site: GameOver-Proudmoore.enjin.com

Nudist ( GM/Recruitment ) Bai.sinn@yahoo.com

Ipsii ( Officer ) Nessa#1373

Katen ( Officer ) Jeevo#1807

TLDR; Version 6/7M HM, ( close to 7/7m ). 10/10H BRF 5/10M, Current content 14/14H 13/13H 16/16H Previous Content. We are a 25 man core team, multiple alt and main twenty man teams with deep and varied heroic progression. Large guild active, helpful, talented, and intelligent. We offer a home, and experience like no one else.
We cover transfer/faction for anyone exceptional that qualifies.
Raid times Tue/Thur/Sun 8:00-12:00EST
Recruiting for core
Best way of contact is directly ingame through real ID or whisper or application on our site..
<Vex> (7/7m 8/10m) was formed at the beginning of Burning Crusade and has only grown stronger since then. We are a semi-hardcore, progression focused raiding guild on Gorefiend-US.

We raid Monday-Wednesday (Thursday is added for progression, normally only 1-2 weeks max) from 8pm EST until 11:30pm EST.

Exceptional players not listed above are also encouraged to apply!

Website for more information or to apply: http://vex.guildlaunch.com/

If you have any questions, please add me to battletag: miu#1977 or Reth Illwrath#1891,
Hey dudes, add kaeps#1439, Will definitely be worth your guys' time.

7/7M 7/10m

would love to talk more about you guys joining.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15700533273 if you'd like to see more info about our guild.

Haglol#1161 or zerodahero#1149 to talk
hey there add my btag Jbryan55#1183 and hit me up in game, would like to chat about possible positions for a few of you
03/25/2015 09:37 PMPosted by Adam
And a Shadowpriest too :P

Yes and possibly a shadow priest.
Duh Winning <US-Ner'zhul> is currently recruiting for Mythic Blackrock Foundry progression. We are a hardcore raiding guild that pushes for high world ranks on a fixed schedule. If you are interested in joining a Mythic raiding guild, and are constantly seeking to improve then this is the guild for you!

Current Tier:

6/7 Mythic Highmaul
10/10H Brf
6/10M Brf

Previous Tiers:

14/14M 20-man Siege of Orgrimmar
14/14H 10-man Siege of Orgrimmar
13/13H Throne of Thunder World 135, US 36 10-man.
16/16H Tier 14 World 800, on 1-2 nights a week


8/8H Dragon Soul, on a 1 night a week
7/7H Firelands, on 1 night a week


Currently Recruiting:

- Resto shaman

- Boomkin [Medium]
- Warlock [Medium]
- Hunter [High]
- Mage [Medium]
- Ele [Low]

- Rogue
- Dk

We recruit the player, and not the class. If your class isn't listed above, but you are an excellent player then please apply anyways!

Raid Schedule:

Mon 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Central Time (Server)
Tues 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Central Time (Server)
Wed 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Central Time (Server)
Thurs 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Central Time (Server)

Please apply at: http://www.duh-winning.guildportal.com

Feel free to add me Bartz#1172
You're likely swamped with responses. I've been where you are. Looking for something that you hope will be the same or an improvement from where you just were. Eventually you talk to so many groups that they all blur together and you just pick someone so that you'll have somewhere to go. Take the time and talk to me. I want you to find a forever home. Somewhere you can build a foundation and a future filled with friendships and a fulfilling raid atmosphere.


Founded in 2007, 4/7 Mythic Highmaul, 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry, 1/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry.
Confidence is a must, Cockiness is a plus, Arrogance is not desired.

Guild Make-Up/History
Insanity is filled with primarily people from the ages 25-40.
Back in June we became 14/14 H SoO(25m), (Server: Aerie Peak-PVE) US 203

What We're About
This guild is a warm, welcoming, and nurturing place. We have people in it that do voice impersonations, we have a fantastic sense of humor with a balance of determination on the content at hand. We are NOT the type to yell or scream at you, we treat people like the adults that they are.

We enjoy spending time with each other on Vent, during off-times, joking, drinking, running alt raids, working on achievements, collecting Pokemon, We have 9 of 9 Gold Challenge Modes, Come Get Some With Us! We Sell Them Too!

Our community is packed with fun, laughs, and experiences. I really want to dig that in to your mind. This guild is the best guild that I've ever been a part of in 9-10 Years of Raiding, from Raiding first string in top 20 US guilds to running a top 200 US guild. Our officers are amazing. The raiders have talent and are loyal. You will not be disappointed. You will finally have found your home in this community, one that I am truly thankful to be apart of.

What We Want
You to come here with the dream of Insanity that we all share. Live it, breath it, embrace it. We want your loyalty. This is your home. Make a commitment to us and we will give back to you with reckless abandon. We want to get to know you, you are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, here in Insanity, You matter. We want to get to know you for many months if not years to come.

Tuesday 6:30-10:00 PST
Wednesday 6:30-10:00 PST
Thursday 6:30-10:00 PST

Why this guild could be great for you!
You want a fair loot system. We use 4 members of leadership and a random raider each week to distribute our loot. We also publically keep track of attendance, punctuality, and loot recieved in order to spread out loot to the highest performing, most reliable players. You want Quality, Devoted, Down-to-Earth Leadership that both have experience with ALL End-Game Raiding content since Vanilla. With 9 years of Raid Leading experience and 9 Years of Guild Lead experience of a US 100 + US 200 Guild. You like the idea of a competitive and entertaining raid environment? You like Alt Raids on the weekends? We Got You. We love our community and spoil our Raiders with 1,500g daily repairs, Flasks, Pots, Enchants, Gems, a member Spotlight and more. Lots of opportunities to make gold profits. We sell everything to our server and beyond.

Our Server
Aerie Peak is a High Population server with a booming economy. We Are Server 3rd. There are 40+ Raiding guilds. We are in the Nightfall battle group. Alliance to horde ratio is 4:1. The server is on Pacific Time and the server is based out of New York.

680+ ilvl Required

We Want You To Be
An active player with a strong drive, flawless positive attitude, and talent with drive that makes you even better than you were the week before. Loyalty above all else with a ride or die attitude. Passion for the game and passion for our dream of Insanity.

Range - Boomkin, Warlock, Mage, Hunter
Melee - Ret Paladin, Feral Cat
Healer - Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Holy Pally

We Have Live Streams
We Create Movies
Mythic Brackenspore - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yd7tjLTy0U

Our Website is:
No application required. We do an informative fantastic mumble interview.
You WILL NOT regret giving me your time.

*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) *´¨) ¸.•*¨)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * HellGoddess (¸.•´
*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) *´¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸.•Real ID: HellGoddess#1691

If you’d like further information contact HellGoddess (HellGoddess#1691), Herculesan (Herc#1811) or Savesyolife.

We’d really love to have you. So honestly! Come talk to us, take the time, this is Home, fully equipped with dead dragons, spoils to be shared, and laughs to be had.
Hey Jereka, I'm from <Ascent> on US-Thrall. We are currently 7/10 mythic.

We could likely accommodate all of your squad for actual raid spots and not the bench, as long as you would be willing to play WW most of the time as opposed to Brew. We unfortunately raid four nights a week (Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sun) but our times are in sync with your request ( from 7:30-11PM EST.) With some compromise, we could make this happen. Add my btag Asag#1636 if you want to talk next steps. Cheers.

EDIT: One of our tanks has expressed an interested in maining as DPS, so you could in fact remain a tank.
We're lookin for a brew. 6/10 Mythic with thogar to 40% for 7/10. M/T/W 8:30-12pm est.


<CryHavoc> on US Bonechewer is looking for a Brewmaster/WW, a Rogue and a Shadow priest and I would like to chat with you about an immediate raid spot in my guild.

7/7 Mythic Highmaul - US #95 World #407 Realm #1
8/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry - US#62 World #259 Realm #1

We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 7pst to 11pst.

Loot System: Loot Council, we are very fair when it comes to loots with the principal rule being gearing up people at the same rate.

Please do not hesitate to apply or talk to an officer in game for more information. http://www.cryhavocwow.com/ is our website, and if you're interested in applying send an app through our website or add Tojara#1762, Bella#1318 if you have further questions.
8/10 mythic BRF horde guild on Kil'jaeden. There are spots for all of you on our roster.

5:30 - 9 pst Monday-Thursday


I'm not going to waste your time with a giant copy/paste spam for you to read about how we are only looking for players skilled at their class, that goes without saying. So let me just get to the point.

<Going in Dry> is a three night raiding guild on Blackrock US. We are currently 6/7M Highmaul and 5/10 Mythic Blackrock with expectations of Kromag dying this week.

We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-9pm PST.
We also have optional weekend raids for mythic Highmaul and Heroic BRF. These raids are 100% optional. If you are available, sign up and come hang out, if you aren't, no worries, we will see you on Tuesday.

A large portion of our raiders have been playing together since TBC and we pride ourselves on one thing: We love the people we play with. We don't expect you to log on every night because you have to raid, we want you to log on because you can't wait to play with us.

As our way of showing appreciation for our raiders, we supply repairs, flasks, food, and potions for all raiders.

Please add me Sippycup#1635 if you have any questions or visit our website http://goingindry-blackrock.enjin.com/ and drop an application.

I look forward to speaking with you.
Guild: <Far Beyond Insanity>
Server: US-Stormrage
Age Requirement: Mature adults (21+)
Progression: 4/7 Mythic HM, 2/10 Mythic BRF
History: We have been around on Stormrage for over 6 years now.
Schedule: We have a 2 night raiding schedule, Tues/Wed 7:00-11:00pm EST.

Our Philosophy is to Raid Smart, Not Hard. Hardcore style raiding in only 2 nights. We are looking for players that are reliable, can work mechanics correctly, and who always look to improve oneself. We do run an aggressive and competitive raid environment but at the same time friendly and respectful.

If interested tag me Krazy#1922 or Elektrik#1738
Apply at www.fbi.guildlaunch.com

Guild Name: Exilès
Realm: US - Bleeding Hollow [H]
Website: exiles-bh.shivtr(dot)com
Progression: 5/7M Highmaul - 2/10M BRF
Battle-tag: Tondo - Brownfartbox#1190, Mondkross - Montross#1591

<Exilès> is an experienced raiding guild that has a long history of downing content. We have raided since every tier since ICC and have been competitive every tier.

Our goals are to be successful and to down content in a competitive amount of time. We raid 12 hours per week which is far less than other more "hardcore" guilds.

We aim to make the time we spend in raid count.

Classes Desired:
We have one dps position, one heal position available. We're considering the classes listed below but any exceptional player is welcome to apply regardless of what is listed below.

670+ ilvl -

1 Resto Shaman (High Priority)
1 Shadow Priest
1 Resto Druid (High Priority)
1 Mage
1 Hunter
1 Holy Paladin
1 Rogue (High Priority)

Guild site: exiles-bh.shivtr(dot)com

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:30pm-12:30am EST

Listed below is what we are looking for in an applicant:
You need to care about ranks - both for yourself and the guild. We need everyone to minmax and push their character to the limit.
You are able to maintain near 100% attendance. We do not have back-ups for every position. Aside from emergencies, we need everyone to show up.
You must be able to use mumble and a microphone.
You must be actually good at mechanics. I don't need raiders that have to wait for a callout to step out of a fire wave.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please add us.
Tondo - Brownfartbox#1190
Mondkross - Montross#1591
These 4 are good players, you should pick them up pretty quickly.

I'll try to keep this short.
<Alone> is a mythic alliance guild on Aerie Peak (US-PVE). Our progression is 8/10 in mythic t17. We have been successfully raiding together as a guild without any breaks since the end of TBC, improving our ranks each tier! We raid Mondays through Thursdays, 7-10 EST - a strict 12h schedule. If you can make 4 raid days and you like shorter, earlier raid times in a relaxed/friendly atmosphere, but serious raiding this is the guild for you! We also provide guild repairs and enchants for all our core raiders, so you can forget about farming! Loot: Loot council.
This covers all the most important info. If you are interested, check us out at www.aloneguild.com and fill out an application.
If you have any questions send me a msg or look for me in game (Eneia).

battletag: Eneia#1922

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