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Hey there, Shamich!

No Mercy in this Dojo is looking for driven and motivated individuals to incorporate into our core team. We pride ourselves on the minimal schedule we maintain due to real life obligations. With that being said, using our time efficiently and effectively is required. Quality over quantity is key.


In the link above, is our recruitment thread. Read through it, if things piques your interest, lets get the ball rolling in the right direction! My realID can also be found in the thread.

Good Luck in your search!
Guild Name: Exilès
Realm: US - Bleeding Hollow [H]
Website: exiles-bh.shivtr(dot)com
Progression: 5/7M Highmaul - 2/10M BRF
Battle-tag: Tondo - Brownfartbox#1190, Mondkross - Montross#1591

<Exilès> is an experienced raiding guild that has a long history of downing content. We have raided since every tier since ICC and have been competitive every tier.

Our goals are to be successful and to down content in a competitive amount of time. We raid 12 hours per week which is far less than other more "hardcore" guilds.

We aim to make the time we spend in raid count.

Classes Desired:
We have one dps position, one heal position available. We're considering the classes listed below but any exceptional player is welcome to apply regardless of what is listed below.

670+ ilvl -

1 Resto Shaman (High Priority)
1 Shadow Priest
1 Resto Druid (High Priority)
1 Mage (High Priority)
1 Rogue (High Priority)

Guild site: exiles-bh.shivtr(dot)com

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:30pm-12:30am EST

Listed below is what we are looking for in an applicant:
You need to care about ranks - both for yourself and the guild. We need everyone to minmax and push their character to the limit.
You are able to maintain near 100% attendance. We do not have back-ups for every position. Aside from emergencies, we need everyone to show up.
You must be able to use mumble and a microphone.
You must be actually good at mechanics. I don't need raiders that have to wait for a callout to step out of a fire wave.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please add us.
Tondo - Brownfartbox#1190
Mondkross - Montross#1591
<Moments> is a Horde guild on US-Stormreaver comprised of like-minded, competitive individuals. Currently we're sitting at 10/10H and 5/7M. We're dedicated to becoming one of the top guilds on the server while maintaining a strict 3 night a week schedule. If you are looking for a stable, progression-focused guild on a very competitive server, we might be the right fit for you.

Our raid schedule is Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:30PM-12:30AM CST.

Raiders must come with the attitude to improve every single night. Your performance in raid will be under constant review. Every raider should be their own raid leader. Mastery of your class is expected, as is output that is in line with the best your class has to offer.

We are currently looking for dedicated RANGED DPS to join our Mythic team, though all applicants will be considered. Our specific class needs are as follows:

• Balance Druid
• Mage
• Warlock
• Shadow Priest

To apply, head over to moments.enjin.com. Or, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us in-game through the following battletags: Sincerely#1235, Durf#1815, Kinettik#1703, or Funboss#1980.
Hello we are Notice Us Senpai on the Arthas - US realm. We are searching for hardcore dedicated players who want to dive into mythic raiding in WoD and wreck the content on an acceptable schedule. Our guild is made up of players who have top tier experience throughout all expansions of WoW and the majority of us having been raiding together since Cataclysm. We also play a variety of other games competitively together and enjoy the hardcore scene in those games as well.
Healers: Disc priest/MW
Dps: Any exceptional dps. All dps spots are competitive. Especially need casters.

- We raid three nights a week. Sun/Th 9-1am Est.. Tues 10-2am EST.
- We are currently 3/7m HM and 10/10H BRF.

- 8/8H in T13
- 10/16H in T14
- 11/13H in T15 - 1% Lei'Shen wipe
- 14/14M in T16

- We expect full attendance, and any absence requires a valid reason
- Knowledge of fights before we attempt them, so we don't have to spend countless attempts wiping because someone doesn't know what he/she is doing.
- The ability to push oneself in a raid group and be capable of taking any and all criticism.

- uoeRogueit#1497
- ezpk#1658

Or visit http://noticeussenpai.enjin.com/ and fill out an application.
Last Chapter
5/7 M 10/10 H 3/10 M
we raid tues,weds+thurs 8:15-11:15 pm est
we are in need of some heals/dps

Tank Needs-
BM Monk-Very High
Blood Dk - High
All Strong Tank Considered

Heal needs-
Resto Shammy-High
Resto Druid -Very High
MW Monk- Very High
any strong healer besides a disc will be considered though.

Dps Needs-
Boomkin-Very High
Shadow Priest-Very High
Ele Shammy-Med
Hunter- High
WW Monk-Med
any strong dps applicant will be considered.

contact me at xnjxcrash#1556

or apply at www.lastchaptergaming.com

You are a popular fellow, but I'm hopeful that you're reading all of your posts.

<TSP> has a lower overall experience level than you do (most of us just started progression raiding with WoD, but there are exceptions) but we are very interesting increasing our ranks and adding some skilled players who might be able to offer us further insight and assistance in our future endeavors as a guild. We are currently 8/10 H BRF and are recruiting with the intent to progress to Mythic in the near future.

We are an adult guild that is generally laid back, but we take our raiding seriously and adhere to a strict schedule. Our players are fairly tight knit, and we often do content together outside of scheduled raiding and even outside of WoW.

We would likely have you alternate between your specs as needed.

Here is our general info:
<TSP> is recruiting DPS (high) and heals (medium) for our raids as we finish up Heroic BRF and move into Mythic. We have a very strong core group and are only missing a few more to do Mythic.

10/10 Normal BRF, 8/10 Heroic BRF, 7/7 HHM

Raid times: Mon-Weds 8:30-11:30 EST (7:30-10:30 Server Time). Ad-hoc alt runs Thursdays/weekends.

About us:
<TSP> is a guild that has been around Bonechewer for a long time. Top 5 server during BC, and took a break through end of WOTLK through MOP. With that said, the current roster is more new than not, and everyone is really inviting and happy to help out.

We are happy to work with inexperienced or undergeared players and help you get into progression raiding as we get up to speed. We are also open to accepting core groups from guilds who are having trouble.

Send a real ID request for more details:

Greeting's I am Jýn. And I am the Recruitment officer and Raid leader here for Virage of Mal'Ganis. Please read below to see what we are currently looking for.

Guild Name: <Virage>
Horde - US Mal'Ganis
Mythic raiding.
Current progression: 10/10 Heroic & 2/10 Mythic

Virage is a weekday raiding guild with the focus of downing more bosses in mythic progression within the coming weeks. We're made up of a lot of skilled players that have had plenty of raiding success in past and present tiers. While raiding we keep it loose between pulls and know when to dig in, to defeat the boss at hand. We expect all applicants to have the same mind set while raiding.

While we do take raiding seriously, we also can appreciate that it is a game, so ultimately we are trying to create a place where people can enjoy their experience in World of Warcraft while killing bosses and progressing to become a competitive guild.



Ranged Dps:

- Warlock (High)
- Ele Shaman (High)
- Bommy (High)
- S Priest (Low)

Melee Dps:

- N/A


- N/A

Please keep in mind we will take any serious applicant into consideration, so please don't hesitate to contact us. And That we run a roster with 25 people and people are switched in and out dependent on the fight.


Tues- 10:00 Pm - 1:00 EST
Thur- 10:00 Pm- 1:00 EST
Sun-10:00 Pm - 1:00 EST

Invites are at 9:30!

What we expect out of all member's:

* We play our raiders on a rotational basis during raid nights, ie; Fight X calls for more ranged DPS and specific types of healers, some players may sit for progression kills. This allows raid leadership to adjust raid composition to meet the ideal requirements for the fight at hand; we make this process fair and evenly distributed.

* Loot assigned by council. With many variables involved including raid attendance, significance of upgrade, and of course the old school /roll system.

* Buff food is provided, and flask is provided.

* Our schedule is brief, so holding up the raid cannot happen. If you're late or going to be absent early; notification is mandatory. If you continue to hold the raid up you will be replaced.

* Sufficient knowledge of each fight and role specific mechanics is an absolute requirement. Do not show up expecting to be told what to do.

* Please be willing to accept constructive criticism if the situation calls for it.

* Mumble system is required for raids.


If you have any question's add the B-Tag below. We will be honored to answer any questions!

Okori#1968 (Raid leader and Recruitment officer)
Tray#1125 (Healing officer)

Fill out an App: http://virage.enjin.com/
<Èrebos> Is a merged of members from several hardcore raiding guilds (Vigil / Gentleman's Club / Farm Status / Death And Taxes).

From the guild forming from nothing, to 14/14 Mythic being down it was only a two month period, we are very serious about raiding at the best level.

We are based on the Mal'ganis server.

10/10 H, 4/10 M
World 10th kill on Hanz in BRF


Tuesday - 7:00pm - 11:00PM
Wednesday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Thursday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Things we are currently looking for:
one Warlock
one DPS DK / Ret Paaladin
one Tank (any class but Guardian or Prot Pally)
one Healer (Pref Mistweaver)


We will consider ANYONE who seems good, but raiding experience is shined upon, as we are serious about maintaining a top U.S. spot..

Good communication skills. Many of the encounters are multifaceted, and it's impossible for a single person to monitor all the elements of a fight. We rely on all our raiders to provide input on fights and give constructive suggestions/ideas, especially for new content. Members also need to know when to be vocal and when to be quiet and listen. You have to be able to respond on Vent when spoken to.

Possess a PvE mindset. Our officers and members have a strong desire to see new content and progress as a guild. If you do not share the same goals/interests, this is not the guild for you.

Mature enough to tolerate jokes and handle criticism. If you cannot take racist, gender bashing, !@#$% jokes, fart humor, ^-*!-talking on Vent, being made fun of, then this is NOT the guild for you. We love to have fun and a big part of that is joking around

Come prepared to every raid with consumables (potions, flasks, oils, food, etc) to last you the entire night. We will provide most things, but it isn't a guarantee.

Know how to prepare for encounters. If it's a new fight, you're expected to understand at least the basic abilities of the fight and have seen videos of the encounter. Reading the Dungeon Journal only takes a few minutes a day.

Stable internet connection and computer that can run WoW at high+ graphics.

Why <Èrebos>?

Drama Free: We do not tolerate drama of any kind in <Èrebos>. We don't have officers screaming at each-other on vent, inter-guild flame threads, or any of the other bull@#$% that can arise from raiding. Loot drama is especially frowned upon; idiots who complain constantly about loot or demand pieces will be removed without hesitation. We have worked hard to maintain a fun but mature atmosphere and we intend on keeping it that way.

Positive Raid Environment: <Èrebos> believes raids should be fun and enjoyable. If you are seeking a place where the raid leader is blowing up at people for every tiny mistake, look elsewhere. We believe in a positive and upbeat environment - and our progression is evidence of this successful philosophy.

Fair loot system: We use a council loot system, where we decide who needs the gear the most. No DKP hoarding, no officers getting sneaky DKP. You'll generally find our officers having the worst gear due to giving it out to others. If you NEED a piece to complete a set, or it's a huge upgrade, chances are you'll get it.

Tank priority is the only rule you need to know!

Officers to Contact
Vredezbyrd (Main recruitment Leader)

Uncut (Tanking officer)

Empathy(Ranged Class Leader)


We are currently recruiting for Heroic BRF (soon to be mythic), and have a HIGH NEED for a skilled BOOMKIN.

We are looking for raiders who want to be a part of a long-term successful home, can pull their weight in raids, follow instruction and not stand in fire. If you feel you have what it takes to be a member of PREMONITION, then we are EXTREMELY interested in speaking with you. This is not for a bench position.

<Premonition> of Windrunner (PvE-PST)
Former Top 100 US Guild (TBC/WOTLK)


• 8/10H BRF, 1/7M Highmaul
• Sun/Mon/Wed
• 630pm-930pm PST // 930pm-1230am EST

Loot System:


What we offer:

• Rich history of consistency, stability and success at a high level across multiple MMO’s.
 Top 100-150 during TBC/WoTLK with numerous server 1st/2nd kills and achievements.
 Star Wars- Top 16man republic guild on server, including after servers were merged.
 FF14 v2.0- Top 3 guilds on server
 Rift- Top 5 guilds on server

• Raid smarter, not harder attitude.
• Casual schedule without the casual mindset.
• Mature guild.
• Same leadership since the guild launched in early TBC still in place.

We are back and intent on completing content while it is relevant.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact: Quinnie (Moonpie#1732), Zödd (Cheeky#1930), Wedgê, or Tiqui/Tiki.

Hi Sham,

Would love to chat about our guild. Add me on Real ID Gameday#1686

<Immortality> is a Top Tier Alliance raiding guild on US- Skullcrusher since November 23, 2004. We are currently looking for exceptional players to fill various raid spots to start pushing Mythic. Our main needs are as follows:

Priest (All Specs)
Druid (Restoration and Boomkin)
Shaman (Restoration)
Monk (Mistwalker)
Paladin (Holy)
Mage (All Specs)
Warlock (All Specs)

Raid Times: Monday-Wednesday 8:00pm-12:00am EST
Loot Type: Loot Council (Based off attendance and performance)
Progression: 1/10 Mythic BRF and 3/7 Mythic Highmaul

Please apply on our forums: http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/

You may also respond to this post, message me, OR private message any of our officers in game or add me or my recruitment partner via REAL ID:

were in high need for your class and we would like to hear from you
<Street Corner Horde> of Bleeding Hollow
Raid Days: M/Tu/W
Raid Times: 830-12a (EST) 7:30-11p (CST) 6:30-10p (MST) 5:30p-9p (PST)
Progression: 5/10M
Detailed Joining Page: SCHguild.com/join
Detailed Contact Page: SCHguild.com/contact
My Direct Contact: Ravik#1115
Brief Introduction: We're a 9+ year raiding guild manged by the same gm. Our guild is operates on mentality of doing whats best for the guild, not the individual.
***PAID TRANSFERS*** : We will pay for the transfer to Bleeding Hollow, however, if you're opposite fraction - that is on you. Furthermore these paid transfers are reserved for top performing candidates.
Kill Video's (Mythic}
Beastlord: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk6SXa6HUPo
Oregorger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgNVwLI0eDc | 20k+ hits
Gruul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mvFdad4Q98
Mythic Hans & Franz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU5L3RWBc1w
<Shadows-of-Zen->Of Proudmoore. Currently (7/7N)--(7/7H)--(1/7M)--(10/10N)--(7/10H) We are a Raiding Guild that is looking to expand our team raiders to a team of 20people of atleast 665ILvl + To push our progress to 10/10H and then to tackle mythic BRF Raid days are Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 7-10PM CST / 6-9 PM PST / 8-11PM EST
All classes below are considered above All
Tank Classes :
-Blood Deathknight
-BrewMaster Monk
-Protection Warrior

-Disc Priest
-Holy Paladin
-MistWeaver Monk

-Boomkin Druid
-Fire/Arcane Mage
-Demo Warlock
-Elemental Shaman

-Feral Druid
-Furry Warrior
-WIndWalker Monk
-Enhancement Shaman
-Retribution Paladin.

Thankyou for your time in reading this recruitment ALL CLASSES WILL BE CONSIDERED - Please Feel free to Message through this forum or hop onto kirin Tor to chat Or Battle Tag Vipergt#1161 or in game nightstryder
Avidity - mythic horde guild on Kil' Jaeden server -4/10M BRF 5/7M HM
Raid Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, 7:30 -10:30 pacific
Created by competitive adult gamer's with the purpose of raiding at a high skill level with efficiency. We are a semi-hardcore US World of Warcraft guild located on Kil' Jaeden. We raid with the ambition to be among the first to kill new raid bosses on our server as well as maintain a top ten ranking on the server. We're respectful people who like to be able to joke around and make fun of each other while maintaining a raid environment that is conducive to clearing progression content. If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed, positive raid environment, that pushes content as quickly as possible, Avidity may be the guild for you.

"We're more than world of warcraft raiding guild, we are a competitive online gaming community"
Current Recruitment Opportunities:
Prot Pally, Blood DK, Druid
-Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman
-Melee: Rogue
-Range: Mage, Warlock

I am interested, but you're not looking for my class/spec. Can I still apply?
Absolutely! We value the skill of the player before the class they play. If you're a skilled player please apply!

Please visit our website's "Guild Policy" forum for more information about Avidity.

Contact us: Btags or Submit an App.
Website: kjavidity.wowlaunch.com
Guildmaster: Specialop- heavyd84#1217
Healing Officer: Beñder- bender#1837 (alt 1444)
Melee Officer: Vanítas- vanitas#1145 (alt 0237)
Main Tank: Brêwslee- MuscleLeche#1597 (alt 136)
<Seraph> is a very unique guild in that we have 8 functioning raid teams. We have been a guild for 5 years and enjoy the perks of top tier raiding as well as a great community.
(We have 3 raid groups that are all 6/10M+)

Newly Formed Raid group -First Blood- of the guild <Seraph> on Mal'Ganis is looking for new recruits to lift off ! Despite our current progress, we are not a casual raid group. We are pushing Mythics and are currently only 1 month old.

Progression : 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry

Our Goals : This raid team will strive to be a progression raiding team on a 9 hours per week schedule. We are going to be seeking like-minded individuals who are prepared to put in the effort for the challenge that is Mythic raiding, while at the same time, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Raid Times : Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7 PM to 10:00 PM CST

We will be using Loot Council for the item distribution system.

We are currently looking for :

Warlock : Very High
Balance Druid : Very High
Holy Paladin : Very High
Holy Priest: High
Ret Paladin : Very High
Death Knight : High
Rogue : High
Shadow Priest : Medium
Hunter : Medium
Elemental Shaman : Medium

What we ask of our raiders :

- Know what mechanics are coming and be ready to fill a specific role for the fight. Always assume that you are going to be chosen for it and know what to do.

- Know your class ; Research what you can do on specific fights to be better. Talents, movement, spell usage, etc.

- A good mentality ; When you make a mistake, own up to it and get better. If advice is given, take it as constructive criticism and learn.

What you can expect from us :

- Being part of a huge guild (8 raid teams) there are always people to hang out with and you can rarely get bored.

- An understanding that sometimes, real life will impact attendance. Let us know in advance if you have to miss a raid night !

- There are always good resources to talk to as far as classes and encounters go, we love to nerd it up and improve ourselves. You will find discussion on the forums and guildies are helpful when asked for pointers.

- Expect us to be prepared and be held on the same standards that I mentioned earlier about knowledge.

For more information on the guild as a whole and applying to our raid team look up seraphguild.com and specify First Blood (Raid 6) as the team you want to join !

Reach the officer team for more specifics at :

Munich#1581 Raid Leader
Parvo#1497 Raid Leader
ClaireBear#1202 Recruitment Officer
Hey Man! <Fate> from Hyjal server would love to have you join our team. We have an immediate opening for a reliable boomkin. We are currently 2/10 M BrF, 10/10 Heroic BrF, 5/7 M HM and raid tues/wed/thurs from 730 to 1100 PST (1030 to 0200 EST). We run multiple alt raids on weekends and have a CM group as well. We've also got groups that play Diablo 3, League of Legends, Starcraft, H1Z1, etc.

I'd love to talk with you more if your interested! Hit me up via Btag- Reaping#1951
<Absolutely Delicious> is looking for exceptional players to round out our mythic roster.

• 10/10H with progress on mythic Beastlord
• 3 days a week; Wed/Th/Su 8:15 - 11:30 EST
• We are willing to trial cross server
• https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/usercalendar/136271 If you feel that you are able to compete in regards to our logs, add Kyung (Dontlosmebro#1739)
Smug is 10/10H and transitioning to Mythic

Tue/Thur/Sun 7:30-10:30pm PST

We only need 1 more dps spot to fill to transition to Mythic


Necronomicon is a nearly four year old guild that has been raiding since Dragon Soul. Recently, we transferred to Mal'Ganis and we're looking for more raiders to fill core spots for our main team.

Raid Times: Monday,Tuesday and Thursday 9:30pm-12am Central (server) time.

ilevel: 655+
Currently Recruiting for a Core spot:

Tank: Monk, Druid or Death Knight

Healers: Druid, Paladin, Priest

DPS: Full on plate except for Death Knight. Accepting all other classes!

ALL classes/roles are encouraged to apply!

Looking for: Disciplined people that are motivated self-starters, well-versed in their class/role that have great communication skills, are extensively prepared for fights, and show good awareness and commitment. You must strive to attend 100% of the raids, be on time, ready to go, and know the fights beforehand.
The Team: The team is progression focused while still realizing that people are there to have fun. We like to do things outside of raiding with each other as well such as PvP, old raids, etc. We're not just a raid team, but also a group of friends.

Past Achievements Include:
Ahead of the Curve: Will of the Emporer
Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen
Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream

Get in on the ground floor and help us build our new Mal'Ganis team!

See www.necmg.enjin.com for more info or to apply.

Guild Master: Rachmaninöv (Tamino#1762)
Hey there!

<Unofficial> @ Mal'Ganis is a relatively newly formed guild with experienced raiders looking for more to fill out our core team for Mythic progression. Our goal is to have a fun, positive, yet still serious raiding atmosphere while competitively progressing through content at a decent rate. We are currently 7/7H HM 1/7M HM and 8/10H BRF!

Our raid times are:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 10PM to 12AM CST.

If you'd like more information or have any questions, feel free to message amped#2776 on Battle.net.

If you'd like to apply, our website is www.unofficial.shivtr.com
Avidity - 6/7M 4/10M - was created by competitive adult gamer's with the purpose of raiding at a High skill level with Efficiency. We are a semi-hardcore US World of Warcraft guild located on Kil' Jaeden. Our focus is PvE raiding, and our ambition is to be among the first to kill new raid bosses on the server. While having fun and enjoying one another's company. If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed and positive raid environment, that pushes content as quickly as possible, Avidity may be the guild for you.

Progression Raid Schedule - Until Mythic Clear [Mon,Tue, Wed, Thur] 7:30 - 10:30 Pacific

What Avidity can offer:

Equal Opportunity - Avidity provides equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be a worthy, dependable raider you will become a valued member of the team. No cliques here!
Active - Being active with your main and alts is important. You need to be up to date with the latest information that pertains to your classes so you can perform to the best of your ability.

Dedication - We expect a positive attitude towards raiding, especially when it comes to progression raiding. You should be prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness.

Criticism- We use various tools to monitor and help improve our players performance. If we ask you to improve in an area you may be lacking, please don't take offense to it. We respect and admire each player within Avidity and only have your best intentions in mind.

Communication - You will be required to use Mumble during raids and should be able to write/speak and understand English to a reasonable level. We don't like to clutter up the comm during encounters.

Contact us: Btags or Submit an App.
Website: kjavidity.wowlaunch.com
Guildmaster: Specialop- heavyd84#1217
Officer: Vanítas- vanitas#1145 (alt 0237)

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