Hiding server name on blizzard party/raid UI

UI and Macro
Hello, anyone knows the code to automatically hide the server names on both blizzard RAID and PARTY UI's?
For example basic is: Rawr-Undermine
What I want is: Rawr

Im just aiming for cleaner raid and party frames without the useless server names. (I can check servers from the hover tooltip anyway)

This has a slight chance of working, but I see your point in doing everything necessary to keeping your UI clean; I admire that xD. Type /fstack. What this does is every time you hover over something it gives you the name of a frame. For example, if you typed this and hovered over your Mini map, it would give you its frame name, which is MinimapCluster. You could potentially hover over the server name text and get its frame name if you steady the mouse just right. I know the server name text is pretty small. If you've succeeded in that, what you want to do is type this.

/run FrameName:Hide()

Make this into a macro and click it ever time you log in. Hope this helped, and if not... I have no clue how to remove it then :( Good Luck!

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