April Fools!: 6.1.4 Patch Notes

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04/01/2015 03:00 AMPosted by Lore
These patch notes were written by lead game designers, producers, engineers, and artists, instead of having them work on important new changes and features.

Sad thing is, I actually believe this one is true.
This was very funny! Strong work Blizzard :)
04/01/2015 03:00 AMPosted by Lore
Tremor Totem now has a chance to summon a giant worm and/or Kevin Bacon.

The whole patch notes made me laugh but this one louder.
nice troll
Wow! this is great they can put out more fake content than the past 2 patches combined. Great job Bliz.
An interesting April Fools joke on WoW would be seeing random raid bosses suddenly appearing in Stormwind all at the same time

Arthas, Illidan, Deathwing etc

The 8bit Molten Core joke a few years back was cool Blizz made a video of on youtube
Thanks for the half hour of laughing, haha. Me and my baby daddy needed that. Oh, and 1/3 of this post had references to the Dalaran server's trade chat from a few nights ago and this scares me. But I love it.
04/01/2015 03:00 AMPosted by Lore
Unleash Life, uh... finds a way.
I died.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
04/01/2015 08:36 AMPosted by Warbfun
I find this foolish. I play the game to win.

I truly feel sorry / sad for people who have zero sense of humor. Smile, laugh, live. =)
On another note, I died at submissive looter.
50 Shades of Master Looting
Oh, these are GREAT!! My stomach hurts from laughing so much. Thanks to the WOW team for sharing their sillies with all of us. Great job!
Some of these changes shouldn't be jokes. Like, making the "Filthy" weapons actually look filthy would be a nice cosmetic change. Maybe it wouldn't even be hard to code.
Blizzard should ditch April Fools jokes.

They are too fun. Unacceptable.
Passive Aggressive Looter. HAHA that is a great one.
this was hilarious, i appreciate blizzards sense of humor.
My heroes. This is literally the best thing ever.
04/01/2015 03:05 AMPosted by Farmenaria
I didn't even get past the Submissive Looter option before I busted out laughing. Good job!

I spit my coke when I read that ...lmao.

Love it!
04/01/2015 03:00 AMPosted by Lore
Despite their many heroic deeds over the years, player Mages are still nowhere near as cool as Jaina or Khadgar.
Seriously, did you see what Khadgar did with the dam in Tanaan Jungle?
All of the elements were like FWOOOM and then he threw them at it like KAPOW and all the water went WOOOOSH.
It was awesome.

Too great. Lol

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