Error #2

Bug Report
well i guess the good news is, that its not us its wow.. hope they fix it soon im late for my raid!
Same issue... Installing updates to see if that helps...
Same issue with people on my server - nobody can get on it seems.
Having the same issue on Produmore
same here error #2 so its oficial, its a global problema at raid prime time!!!!!
Hurry up blizzard need to waste my life on something
Same for Doomhammer!
moar ddos attacks?
I'm also getting Error #2. This may just be coincidence, but did any of you get a phishing email today? I got one (it was obviously fake, unprofessional, ridden with grammatical errors).
Here as well.

Was fine, bnet client wanted an update, now error 2.
LoL, blue post would just be the same canned bs they always through out there when they have no idea whats going on. Happens alot more often then it should for all the money they take in monthly fees.
Yup same issue :(
maybe this will help some of you get back online
Ditto, and when clicking the link to Battlenet's trouble shooting page it simply suggests it's my antivirus blocking wow. Truth is I have had the same set up for years and this has not ocurred before...why now Bliz? It seems each patch comes with some kind of undocumented "feature" such as this. Nice work.
gg, they better renew my prescription for da wasted time. kappa
I haven't gotten any weird emails. I followed the instructions in the tech support thing and still no go.
i also have the problem hello fix it naow blues
i dont care that its broken for a little bit i just wanna know wtf happened. haha thats all
I am also experiencing this issue. Glad to know its not just me.
yeah idk about that. What would you want them to say. The problem has been up for about 5 minutes now. Can't expect them to have explored it AND know what's going on AND type up an official explanation.

REST ASSURED.... somewhere AT BLIZZARD HQ.....
the worker drones are all scrambling into action to solve this ASAP.

ps. going to restart my computer will report back if this solves anything

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