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I cheat-coded pretty outrageously in Freelancer. Makes for a whole different slaughterfest of a space game. :)

How did it make me feel? Spacegodly.
I always cheat in the Sims games, but not with the Sims I create with the intention of actually playing.

I don't care for the preloaded Sims or randomly generated Townies. I like to fill my Sim's neighborhood with other Sims of my own creation, but I don't want to throw away an entire day leveling and developing a character just for my Sim to interact with.

I don't like to interfere with their relationships. So when a Sim needs a certain amount of friends to advance in their career or aspiration, I'm not just going to send them out into the street, spamming friendly interactions with the first people they see. It's a lot more fun to just let all of the Sims run amok, making friends and enemies as they please.
Why would you ever write a paper on that
Cheating sucks...the end
I cheat in whatever way I can, ever since I have a game genie on the NES to console codes on steam games.

I do not take games very seriously, and much prefer to take in the visuals and sounds. I couldn't really care less if the game is challenging or not, in fact if a game is too demanding I will just stop playing it all together.
04/10/2015 11:22 AMPosted by Radioblaze

But none of you that admitted cheating in other games would NEVER cheat here though huh?
This game, well this is different.

This is the only game I've ever played where I've invested large amounts of time and money into something someone else can take away from me. I play by their rules.

I've honestly never cheated in a multi-player environment, other than to enable invulnerability on one of my teammates on my CS server for a couple rounds.

When you boil it all down, why is it fun to artificially inflate your skill against others? In a single-player game, I'm not comparing myself to anyone...I'm here for the story, for the adventure. Yes I'll exploit Skyrim's blacksmithing + alchemy system to make weapons that will one-shot anything, 'cause the npcs don't care and I'm here for the story.

In a pvp scenario, I really just get nothing out of having an exploit make other players lose. Really does nothing for me.
back when i was a whiz at BASIC programming i'd tweak Oregon Trail so i wouldn't die of Dysentery
04/11/2015 10:28 AMPosted by Murgatroyd
I cheat-coded pretty outrageously in Freelancer. Makes for a whole different slaughterfest of a space game. :)

How did it make me feel? Spacegodly.

I loved that game!

However, the one time I tried pvp, I got myself out to the Corsair or Outcast home, and I was wrecked, wrecked, wrecked every time I tried to exit the planet.

I got so frustrated I just quit, rationalizing that I really didn't have time to become good at Freelancer pvp & school and CS. I don't think I'd been introduced to wow at that point.
04/11/2015 10:39 AMPosted by Darthvixen
back when i was a whiz at BASIC programming i'd tweak Oregon Trail so i wouldn't die of Dysentery

Nice...wish I'd known that could be done.

Had this super-old game called Blood rpg like the old Sierra games, but you had a character you could customize. I tried opening the saved game files and changing the bytes I knew were my stats and money, but it had some kind of CRC check or something that detected a single changed byte. Never actually finished the game...all I wanted to do was cheat on it.
anyone remember flicking the Atari 2600 power switch on/off to cause game glitches?
04/11/2015 10:33 AMPosted by Fentoozler
Cheating sucks...the end

If that were your paper, you would fail.
04/10/2015 11:22 AMPosted by Radioblaze

But none of you that admitted cheating in other games would NEVER cheat here though huh?
This game, well this is different.

Why yes, is different. A console or PC single-player someone cheatcodes to enhance a game they play by themselves is indeed different from an MMO where their screweing with cheats changes the game for everyone potentially. Brilliant of you to notice.
I've used cheat codes in games for 25 years.
04/10/2015 10:14 AMPosted by Doomclan
If you don't use Motherlode in the Sims, you're either doing it wrong, or you want a huge challenge.
04/10/2015 09:49 AMPosted by Tanis
I am currently working on a paper for my English class on Cheating in video games.

I only cheat in offline games, and then only when I've already beaten the game. I feel if I've gone through it once as they intended then I've earned the right to cheat as I see fit for fun.

Of course it depends if you count certain mods as cheats or not. For example I mod, and still play to this day Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines because it's such an incredible game, and if you count mods then I guess I've been cheating playing it for years.

I remember playing D2 offline, and cheating by using the ability to add a line to the start up file to start your character at level 30 in act 5. I did this so I could try a bunch of classes to see which one I really wanted to play.

I certainly wouldn't cheat without having beaten the game at least once though unless it was legit broken, and unbeatable. It is fun to see everything the game has to offer with a cheat though. There's a lot of exploration to be had when you're not worried about health, or being herded from point A to B.
So many Sims players in this thread. :) I love it!

I always cheated in the Sims, except on my Legacy or Challenge families. There were some challenges that you could cheat some things (you could use the Insim to cause pregnancies or whatever) but you were not allowed to use money cheats, for example.

I admit when I first started playing this game after about three hours I was like okay, what are the cheats? This is stupid. How do I get money and better stuff? And I went looking for cheats.

Luckily, I found out in my quest to find cheats for WoW, that cheating was bannable and against the ToS. That did two things. One, it made me realize that if I wasn't allowed to cheat, then nobody was. Two, it made me realize that everything I saw other players had was also obtainable by me if I did the same things they did. I learned, of course, that some things I'm not really able to do (like PvP lol) but that doesn't matter; it still was not by cheating that those other players got those things... it was by playing.

So I realized that in a single-player game, where you're not really affecting anyone but yourself, it's okay to cheat. You're not hurting anyone and you can play your game the way you please. But in a mulitplayer game, it's different. You're not only affecting yourself and your game if you cheat; you are also affecting other players and their games in an unfair way.

I think it's good that there is no cheating allowed here in WoW. The Sims, however... oh yes, motherlode that game right up. Heh.
Only in Neverwinter Nights... I'd use a hack program and the construction set to make characters that weren't in the game like a chaotic good Drow rogue/ranger that could shoot arrows that triggered mage spells like disenchant or fireball or turn undead or heal (have to heal undead to kill them) I love exploring possibilities beyond those that are in the game.
04/10/2015 10:35 AMPosted by Pookieone
When I was much younger playing Marathon, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom II, I used to use a hex editor to find where weapon ammo counts were stored in memory so I could give myself effectively unlimited ammo and health. Eventually I was having so much fun mucking about with the hex editor I started to learn to program. Learning to program led me to choose to go to college for computers, get internships sysadminning, get my degree, and get the job I have now in Software QA.

So, I guess you could say I wouldn't have the career I have now if I hadn't cheated at a video game.

This is funny. Doom, Wolfenstein, and many other games had cheat codes built in to give unlimited ammo, all the weapons, unlimited life, etc. Most made you open the "console," (usually the tilde key) to enable cheat codes - these were usually codes used by the game developers to enable them to test different parts of the game without having to deal with those problems, and information on the codes was readily available on the internet. And quite a few of the cheat codes carried forward into later games, using the same codes in, for example, game 4 as in game 1.

You went through a lot of work to get those items, but I'm glad in the end it worked out for you.

Good luck.
In single-player gaming, such as Doom when I was young, I would occasionally give myself invincibility and all guns/infinite ammo. Being able to run around as an unstoppable force of massive destruction was fun.

In multi-player games of the same first-person shooter sort, I've run across invincible players that were unstoppable forces of massive destruction, and it wasn't any fun. I'd never be one of them either, because if I had to cheat to win what would that say about me and my skill at the game?

However, I will use any advantage available to me in competitive type games, so while I may be "cheap" I won't cheat against others.

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