Lowbie PvP - Most Fun Spec

Going to level up a warrior via BGs soon and it's been a long time (since Wrath) that I've played a warrior.

Is there a spec that's particularly fun right now at low levels?

It was Arms all day for me back when I played a warrior. Is it still fun? I know it got hit pretty hard by the pruning.

I see lots of Fury warriors in lowbie pvp. Usually that's an indicator of at least strength in a spec, but doesn't really speak to how fun it might be.

Also noticed way fewer Prot wars around, and I've noticed they hit substantially weaker than they used to.

Also, are any of the specs not really functional before a certain level?
I have no personal experience to speak of, but bonus armor scaling in low level battlegrounds is supposed to be broken. I have heard complaining about Brewmaster monks but also some about protection warriors, specifically their damage.
I think fury is slightly better but i enjoyed prot more. While leveling when i would do arena's, half the time it would be me 1v2. Normally 1v2 vs a healer/dps. I would train the healer the whole time while keeping deep wounds on the second guy. The second guy would normally die from deep wounds before i killed the healer, then i would just finish the healer off. It was pretty fun.

For big AOE situations, prot, everything else, fury. So i guess if your playstyle is just to rush into a big group and go crazy, play prot. If you like to hang in the back or the side and pick people off one by one, go fury.

Also to Soliduck's point about bonus armor, its pretty much fixed i think. A lot of the gear that used to give 50-100 bonus armor now only give like 10. The tank domination previosly was much, much worse than now that they fixed it.
Why Fury as opposed to Arms?

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