Lowbie BG Queues Are Too Long

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Off peak they are sometimes 45 minutes to an hour. At peak they can still be 12-15 minutes.

Lowbie pvp is one the most fun things in the game but we need to spend much more time in bgs fighting and much less time killing rats in Stormwind.
On a related note:
Average Wait Time: 9 min
Time In Queue: 26 min

I'm taking the opportunity to do some terrific 360 mounted jumps around Westfall.
I keep rolling in the 10-19 bracket... fast queue times. I reroll when I hit 20 because of that.
It really sucks.

10-19 are nice and fast, but I love every bracket. 60s bracket bgs are maybe the most fun thing in the entire game.

Not sure what Blizz can do, but I hope they give it some thought.
did you lock your XP? if you did that would explain the lengthy Queues
Nope. The goal is to level solely through BGs.
04/09/2015 11:13 AMPosted by Tubejam
Nope. The goal is to level solely through BGs.

ah ok, I guess some have worse luck, ive been fortunate to have pretty quick queues ranging from 5-10 mins during peak and 15-20 min during slow times
I generally only have five to ten minute wait times.

After the first bg that requires waiting, I generally get in within a minute or two if I requeue instantly.

Though, I think queues might bug out quite a bit, I'll have an average of 3 minute wait time on my 100s and end up waiting for ~20 minutes.

Same thing happens with my lowbies, four minute wait time, end up waiting twenty minutes.
Average Queue Time: 7 min
Time in Queue 49 min

This is bad.
Maybe Alliance side is worse than Horde; I rolled a new Alliance rogue and have done a few BGs with him, and yeah, the queue times are crazy while the "Avg Time" is always wrong. I waited over 40 minutes to get into a 20's Alterac Valley a couple of days ago, and it said the average wait was nine minutes the whole time. :P
It finally popped after an hour and twenty minutes, AND THE BG WAS HALF OVER.

How the hell does that happen?

An 1 hour and 20 minutes in queue to get gy camped for 4 minutes.

Why do I play this game?
iv noticed this issue aswell. time in que way higher than avg time. I only find it happens when I switch zones.

ie. port to garrison. go to ashran, ect. if I stay in the area I que I find its very spot on. give it a try

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