[H-10/10H 5/7M] Out of Mobs LF R-DPS

Current Recruitment:

DPS: Boom., Mage, Warlock, Hunter
Healers: Pally
Tanks: None.

*If you’re very STONG at your class, please apply as you will still be considered.
*If your a guild that is struggling and would consider merging as a group, contact Logiibob.

Raid Schedule:

Monday: 8:30 - 11:30 (Heroic)
Tuesday: 8:30 - 11:30 (Mythic)(Mains)
Thursday: 8:30 - 11:30 (Mythic)(Mains)

Optional Raid Nights:
Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00 (Alt/Normal Raid))

Application & Process of Joining:

Out of Mobs is interested in Endgame Content. Because of this, being able to show history of heroic progression is important, however, isn't exactly required. We consider a stable previous guild history and good attitude towards the game and other players a very important trait to have.

- To be considered for as a trial raider, you must complete an application found on our website.
- An Officer will review your application and ask questions about any concerns before being accepted or denied. Please monitor your application for any status updates.
- Once accepted – Join our Vent server and poke an officer for a guild invite so that you can begin to get to know our team.

Out of Mobs is always looking for good players to add to our roster. Feel free to contact any Out of Mobs member or officer (Logiibob#1650, Perucho, Stoic, Keldoran, Driedmango) for any questions you have about joining our Guild.

You can find our website at www.outofmobs.com

About Out of Mobs:

Out of Mobs is one of the oldest and most established guilds and has raided all the content that World of Warcraft has to offer.

Out of Mobs is a progression-oriented 3-day raiding guild. We strive to maintain a balance of taking our progression raids seriously while still having fun and laughs in a team environment. Our goal is to offer a fun, supportive, and enjoyable environment to progress through World of Warcraft. Such an environment enables players to focus on mechanics and their class for successful progression. It's for this reason that the Out of Mobs community has stood the test of time (even the Cataclysm) and is continuing to strive.

Qualities that Out of Mobs is Looking for:
- High Attendance – Raid progression on a 3 day schedule while not overloading the bench requires consistency.
- Remaining Focused – This means you’re able to focus during raid time so we’re able to get as much done during raid time. Things like watching TV, coming to raid with a foam helmet, and randomly going AFK is a heavily discouraged.
- Ability to Adapt – New fight mechanics, responsibilities, and strategy changes will happen.
- Highly Equipped - This means your talents and gear are the best available to you with two fully leveled professions.

Logi 0.o

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