Follower: Hulda Shadowblade questline.

Hello and thanks in advance to all answers & help.

I am currently trying to do the questline to obtain the follower Hulda Shadowblade in Spires of Arak. I have the Brewery as needed for the follower.

The quests are:

Befriending the Locals
A Lack of Wasps
Not Here, Not Now
Attempted Murder
Assassin's Mark
The Power of Poison
Extrinsic Motivation
Gardul Venomshiv
We Have Him Now
No Time to Waste
and finally
Standing United

I cannot figure out which quest I stopped at though. Does anyone know of a decent quest tracker so I can figure out which quests I still need completed to finish this this questline & get the follower?

Thanks in advance!
I too am having problems with this
how to start shadow blade quest line
You can check the wowhead page here: If you have your character uploaded to Wowhead you can see which quests you've completed.

You can also check the contract page:
and this comment, on the npc page:

Hope this help. *vanish* puff gone

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