[H] < Death From A Dove> is Recruiting

Death from a Dove is 10/10HBRF looking to fill spots up for mythic team. Openings for ranged, melee and a a resto shaman. Raid times are Wednesday 8:00pm to 11:00pm PST and Sunday night 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST.

Guild is from Team Venture - Chromaggus and needed a change of scenery for recruitment. Members have been raiding together since cata with new faces in the last year. In MoP, we were a 10man group that downed H Garrosh pre-nerf. Good group of people that have fun raiding while getting business done.

We have a dedicated mumble server that is owned by members of the guild

Loot is based off Loot council

Inquiries can be made by messaging me in game, jagdzeit#1938, contacting Discuits, Dojomonk or Disturbed.
/bump Still looking for more members!! Please post your info here or whisper Jagdzeit or Discuits in game!
Looking for Ret, WW, Warlock, Spriest, and ele shaman. Looking for 675ilvl but understand that gear does not = skill. If interested pst or ingame mail me, Discuits, Malkazadek, Dojomonk or Distrubed. We are full clearing heroic weekly and are ready to move up into mythic.

let's go!
Full on melee, looking for a few good ranged
Bump. Looking for Lock boomkin or mage
Bump. Lock or Ele shaman prefered
Hey im a 684 Unholy dk 10/10H killed with exp of 7/10M through old account before ban hit >.> but my times are of course what yours are I just need a guild that can progress if you need a dps let me know
Pst me in game Dendriah
Looking for Tank and Ranged DPS. Looking to start prepping for 6.2
Hey man-I see your full on melee but like the DK I've never seen better raid times. Any chance we can talk?
Hey 694 Ele and 694 resto shaman currently alliance on lightbringer... but looking for a change of scenery. 10/10 h exp. 5/10M, getting kinda burned out with 4 days raiding and late night of my current guild. i also raid 2 other days on my alt's guild and ur days/times are so perfect for what im looking for. Jagdzeit i added u on real id. but mine is nguyen#1239
Noxii add me to RID and we can talk
Bump Looking for possible OT
Syckosys you around still
Late Cata/MoP hunter that took a break and is now looking to get into raiding again, your times are perfect and gearing myself up is not a problem at all. Hit me up at Naktura#1382 for any relevant information you may need.
Looking for a few range to fill the ranks

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