[H-RP Event] Soup Night - Wednesday Nights!

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What : Soup Night!

Where: Crossroads, Northern Barrens.

When: Weekly Event, Held on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm server time (8:30 pm central)

Soup Night is a weekly event hosted by The Whitehorn Tribe. It’s an evening of casual RP held every Wednesday - where ever the Tribe happens to stop for this evening. We will be sharing our evening meal and hospitality with whoever happens by. There could possibly be a story or two, games, and rumor has it that Greatmother Moon might even be up for telling a few fortunes. - Though sparring, pyromaniacs, and general mayhem are possible too.

It’s open to all Horde characters, and we look forward to seeing you.!
*shameless, self promoting bump*

It's tomorrow!
Yay! It's Tonight!

Join us tonight at Crossroads for a chance to get out of the city and enjoy a little fresh air. Granted it's hot dry Barren's air - but it's fresh none the less!

There will be food, a bit of fortune telling, and perhaps one of our story tellers will share a tale or two. Hope to see you there!
Bumping again, starts in about 30 minutes. :)
Thank you guys for the fun! Us Laughing Skulls had a blast!

EhehehehHehehe...get it...blast! Fire!
Thank you all! That was awesome! I haven't had that much fun in while!
This event was awful!
Absolutely Awful!

Their was only 1 kind of soup with mushrooms and it only had a single kind of mushrooms in it!

Very Very Disappointed.

I hope next time you will think harder on your menu options and give your guests a soup worthy of having delicious mushrooms in it !

Devourer of Mushrooms.
Scourge of the Sporeggar.
To: Keitho
Devourer of Mushrooms
Scourge of the Sporeggar.

My Dearest Keitho,

I happened across your critique of our event last night. As you know, customer satisfaction is very important to us. and I will certainly take your concerns to heart.

We strive to prove only the highest quality, fresh ingredients. Unfortunately hunting was bit slow this week, due to lack of participation by some of the Braves. A position with I believe you hold. So, in future should you wish a more varied menu, I suggest you get your mangy butt out there and do it yourself. Or I assure you, you mushrooms will be scourged from Crossroad to Sunrock Retreat and back.

Love and Snuggles,
Crazed Battle Heifer

04/30/2015 01:35 PMPosted by Kinarra
, in future should you wish a more varied menu, I suggest you get your mangy butt out there and do it yourself

More Yelp Replies should sound like this!
*reaches for cane*

Oh, that can be arranged....

Updated first post with location for the May 6th location: Sen'jin Village.
It is on the big ol' event calendar!
05/03/2015 09:31 AMPosted by Lindiwe
It is on the big ol' event calendar!

Thank you!

This week the Whitehorn's "Endless Soup Caldron and breadsticks" will be held at beautiful Sen'jin Village! Conveniently located not all that far from Orgrimmar - or Ratchet for those needing to make a quick escape. Anyone that the guards won't try to kill on sight is welcome to attend. It will be an evening of casual RP, with stories, food and other diversions.
The event is tomorrow! Thinking about trying out a little sparring event this week.
*a good night bump*
Yep, me again. It's tonight!

May I ask, how long does such an event last?
It's casual event, so you are welcome turn up and leave when you want. If I were to guess, I'd say at least an hour. But part of that does depend on how many people turn up. Last week's lasted a while, because there was some silly orc who insisted on nearly getting himself beaten too death by one of our Braves.

-- which is why sparring will probably be on a roll system with turn limits. :P

And some us will stay as long as the RP lasts.
I see. Though I'd like to come, not sure I'll be able to make it! I usually get home later at night. But hope you guys have fun! Cheers!
Thanks to everyone who attended! This was our third one, and they keep getting better!


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