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I had been playing a while and was switching from character to character just fine. Then I started having problems loading characters and then couldn't log out of a character. During all this I deleted the Cache folder and disabled all add-ons. Now the game won't load and further after the Success screen.
I have been having similar issues for the last hour or so (but just fine prior)

    The game sometimes has been hanging at "Success"

    When I have gotten to log in, any character I log in doesn't work properly: Interacting with NPCs doesn't work for one thing. For instance, trying to do my Menagerie daily and the npc would not speak to me

    The game then won't respond to 'Logout' or "Exit Game", resulting in having to force kill the program

    Any character I have done this on then freezes at 90% loading if I try to log into them agian

    Switching characters causes the same results after one login

    My in-game latency reads just fine (under 100ms world and home)

    Battle.net has been slow to load

    Battle.net services are the only things giving me internet issues. Ping/Speed tests are fine.
Hey folks -

It looks like we've got several threads reporting this issue, so I'd like to consolidate them to this thread. I can see that this is affecting several people, so we're going to get it investigated, but need a bit more information and to have you guys try some troubleshooting real quick so we can narrow this down some more.

Can I have each of you completely reset your UI? I know this won't affect any loading trouble you're having with Blizzard websites, but I want to rule it out for the in-game issues. Keep in mind that you do need to completely remove your AddOns, not just disable them. You don't need to delete them for this, but they do need to be completely outside the World of Warcraft folder. I'd suggest just dragging the Interface folder out onto your desktop for now, and then delete the WTF and Cache folders.

Please also post your city and your ISP so we can get an idea if this is a regional or ISP issue or something bigger. Thanks!
Yeh ITS realy weird having the load screen error then getting the succes error for me after I relog cuz of the loading error.

MY ISP IS Megapath a T1 line Company
Im also getting insaneley weird issues on teh wow website like the page isnt loading all the way half the time and its freezing pretty sure its hte same issues as other people who have my in game issue have this website issue as well
St. Louis, MO
Charter Internet.

I'm hanging on the Success message, I never get a character list

If I click cancel on the Success message it says "Retrieving Realm List", but I never get a realm list.

If I cancel on that, it takes me back to the authentication screen. If I enter my credentials there, I get right in tp the game.
Country - US
State - Wisconsin
City - Madison
ISP - Charter

I completed removed the Cache, WTF, and Interface folders so they would reset, this did not help.

Copied from my post in a different thread:

My issues started with the above (90% load screen then disconnection). I have also had the following issues in the past 30 minutes:

1. Unable to retrieve character list.
2. 100% load screen after hearthing to garrison with disconnection.
3. Slow load times on WoW website, while skype, facebook, imgur, and netflix all load perfectly fine (using Google Chrome).
4. WoW start-up stuck at "Success" for more than a minute before I manually close it an select a server.
5. Disconnected flying in to Dalaran on my own mount.
6. Battle.net login failed after I entered authenticator information with the error code 'BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3006)' - "Could not log in to the Battle.net service.
7. Signed on to a character and my guild information is empty. 0/0 players online, guild chat doesn't work, news is empty, info is empty.
8. Can't log off of the character I noticed the issues in number 7 with (clicked 'logout' and nothing happened).

I had no issues at all last night. I will plan on deleting folders as specified above to see if the issue is resolved, just wanted to make a response since my connection issues also involve this current page taking nearly 3 minutes to load as well as the one in the link.
Having the same issues as folks here with the website and game.

Intense latency in the game *if* I'm able to get into the game. Multiple attempts resulted in ~90% load bar idling until I get server disconnected. Followed standard cache and wtf deleting protocol and still had the same result.

City:Oklahoma City
ISP:COX Communications
Having the same issues -

US, Florida, Gainesville, Cox Communications
05/03/2015 08:18 AMPosted by Sxycaper
Im also getting insaneley weird issues on teh wow website like the page isnt loading all the way half the time and its freezing pretty sure its hte same issues as other people who have my in game issue have this website issue as well

It could absolutely be the same issue, or it could be two separate issues that are happening close together. I'm attempting to replicate this on my side as well, both the website issue and the in-game issue, so we're definitely investigating! But we want to make sure we have a clear idea of what's happening and exactly where the problem is before we go trying to fix it.
plz fix this fast blizz i have to que with my arena team tonight
Same thing happening to me, cleared folders stuck on the loading screen going into outland.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cox Communications ISP
i think its someting wrong with connection between the major network in our area and wow servers, while we're able to browse !@#$ and etc. with no problems we can't play wow, at all.

like right now, i can't even load any bnet forum pages, everything going from and to bnet = almost 100% packet loss, while my call of duty, youtube, google, phone, everything, works flawlessly.

im in okc
same issue here, I am in my garrison and it only loads to about 90% and stops. It does not even kick me out it just sits there.
Phoenix, AZ
Cox - internet
Okc here as well. cox communications.
Same for me, stuck at 90% loading, and Blizz site not completely loading either.
Wide Open West Columbus, Ohio
looks like issue is the connection between ISPs and blizzard, gg i'll have to do everything except wow for now.
Stuck at 90%. Cleared out cache and WTF/interface folders. St. Louis MO, Charter Internet.

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