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05/02/2015 11:58 AMPosted by Attux
05/02/2015 11:40 AMPosted by Kálí
...This also includes complaining about complaining. Seems like most of this thread is people complaining about the community and forums being negative and toxic, in a really negative and toxic way. Try being part of the solution instead of making the problem worse.
people aren't complaining about complaining. They're laughing at how pathetic people can be.
Isn't that kind of "pathetic" too though, in the same way? If people want a more positive atmosphere on the forums, it would be better to act positively. It has to start somewhere. Just my opinion.
I know this thread is capped. I'm just catching up on some of the posts that came in over the weekend and want to point this one out as a tremendous example of giving constructive feedback on a topic. It's critical of our decision pertaining to the topic of discussion in this thread, but it's a very reasonably expressed opinion for us to evaluate.

I'd be so happy to see more people layout their protests in this manner, for whatever they may be.

05/01/2015 10:35 PMPosted by Moordenaar
05/01/2015 10:28 PMPosted by Primex

Why don't you want that content in the launcher? is it really so important to you? how much time do you spend on average even looking at it? Genuine questions, cause I don't get how it's even remotely an issue.

Because that content is of no interest to me. It's not terribly important to me; I'm not going to click it, either way. It's not an "issue" - that's what I'm getting at. People are saying it's an "issue" when in reality it's a preference.

Game companies especially like to talk about how much they care about player feedback. My feedback is that the content they are choosing to back in the launcher is uninteresting and I'd prefer that it not be there. I have my own reasons for disliking streamers and the relationships they have with game companies, but that's not the main point. At the end of the day, it's content I don't want and my feedback is to remove it, for whatever that's worth.

05/01/2015 10:29 PMPosted by Arbs
But it is useless complaining about something that doesn't hinder or prevent you from playing the game at all.

You don't have to click on it, the point is that just because you don't want doesn't mean it can't be there. Ignore or Avoid it.

Useless? Why?

I know I don't have to click it. I'm not going to. But forums are for feedback, and that's what's being given. It's not useless to give feedback - it's what the company wants you to do! For instance, if they learned that this sort of feature was largely ignored or unliked, they would avoid doing it in the future, saving themselves effort and freeing up space for different content.

But they won't know that unless you tell them.

Unlike others here, I'm not 'demanding' that it be removed. I'm not saying that because I don't like it, no one should see it. I'm saying that as a user of the launcher, I don't want that content in it. That's all. No demands, no lectures.

I don't think that sort of feedback is unreasonable OR useless.

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