Thanks Obama (7/7H 10/10H) Weekend Raiders

<Thanks Obama> is now recruiting for ALL Roles for our raid roster! Our main team has quite a few slots left to round out for a solid raid group. Right now in particular we are looking for a solid raid healer, and ranged dps. We have a load of melee already, but we wont turn you down if you have the qualified skills and in-depth knowledge of the raid encounters that we are looking for. :)


Thanks Obama was originally an alliance guild from this side of the server. <The Final Legion> we decided that it was dead over there so we came over to horde side and made a joke guild <Going In Dry> and we had a raid group in Siege that started late and got 2/14H. After a while, i got banned for the name, THANKS OBAMA, thus how we inherited the guild name we have . Now we are a guild that is striving to be better and better with each and every raid night, and have accomplished killing Heroic Blackhand this past weekend. We have a small roster that needs to be filled a bit more, and a few people to help be subs/bench players. We are really hoping to push our boundaries and cross into mythic progression content at its finest here near the end of this tier, and powerhouse our way to being a top tier raiding guild here in Hellfire Citadel come 6.2.

What can we offer you?
If you join or trial our raid team, we will provide you with food buff, flasks, and potions, as well as some good laughs and a fun raid environment.
Not only do we raid on our core nights, but often times we host alt runs, consisting of Heroic Highmaul, Normal Blackrock, and Heroic Blackrock.
We also have other events going on throughout the week, and a group of fine individuals whom enjoy doing Cmodes.

Raid Times?
We raid Every Friday/Saturday from 11-2am EST.

We are on a loot council trial right now, that is most likely what we will stick too for Mythic Progression. The council consists of 7 knowledgeable players that know each variety of classes/specs.

What is required of me to raid?
Good dps, awareness of raid mechanics, knowledge of the encounters, class, and spec.
Being on time, as well as being early is a plus, To remain a core member 80% attendance is required (500g is alotted to core members per raid night for repairs)

If you are sincerely interested in giving us a trial, or want to hop in the guild, Send myself or Juiceoriffic a Battle-Tag request. Mine is DickWood#1672 and Juicerr's is JohnHenry#1145

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