change for lone wolf

instead of buffing the damage of certain spells, let us dual wield weapons instead. make us unable to summon pets.

kinda like titans grip for warriors

now that would make lone wolf interesting
Honestly prefer it for the full fledged sniper feel with MM.
How the Hell would you dual-wield bows?!
I like Lone Wolf with the 30% damage buff precisely the way it is. MM burst is finally effective, albeit you lose out on the constant pet dps compared to BM during high mobility fights (but this is mostly a problem with the Sniper Training mastery, not the Lone Wolf buff itself), but MM is definitely not far off due to the 30% damage increase, which is very necessary for Lone Wolf to be effective. Dual-wielding one-handed crossbows or revolvers, yeah that would be okay, but I'd rather that be a hunter-wide choice, not strictly for Lone Wolf hunters, especially at the sacrifice of +30% damage when going without your pet.

Id love for them to figure out a way to let us have spirit bond and master's call work even though we are using lone wolf. Maybe make them half strength/duration/whatever...
Just summon your pet when getting focused on and dismiss when you get a chance.

Not as viable an option in arena but the world isn't perfect
Dual wield guns maybe.. Bows.. uh.. just picture it in your head.. lol

Lone Wolf is fine..
That's not a change to lone wolf. What does dual welding guns have to do with lone wolf.
It sounds more like you don't like that talent and rather have duel welding take its place. But lone wolf is a talent that many people had been asking for, and many more people ended up liking it, and some want it improved not replaced like you suggest.
No. Just no. Go play a demon hunter.

Dual-wielding would require new weapon types (since bows and rifles can't really be dual-wielded, and crossbows of our caliber generally can't either), and we already have 3 weapon types that are only usable by our class. It would require us to acquire *two* of these new weapons. It also would require rebalancing constantly (dual-wielding, as a rule, scales better than single-weapon).

Beyond that, I like being able to summon a pet when needed. Give me access to a bloodlust and a battle rez, in a clutch, and I can use a tank pet while soloing.

Basically, you want a flavor addition that causes an immense amount of problems, requires 2-3 additional weapon types, requires regearing, and doesn't add anything to the class, mechanically. It's a definite no.
So some of you guys are using LW as SV and other FS.. What's the logic behind each of your choices? Quite curious..
05/06/2015 10:57 AMPosted by Zagrim
So some of you guys are using LW as SV and other FS.. What's the logic behind each of your choices? Quite curious..

Mobility, pure and simple. At least until 6.2, Focusing Shot provides slightly more DPS than Lone Wolf due to the additional Arcane Shots that can be cast, and rather substantially more DPS than Lone Wolf on an AoE fight due to the additional Multishots. 6.2 will kill this, since the primary benefit of Focusing Shot in these cases is the additional Serpent Sting instant ticks.

Lone Wolf is taken by some SV hunters because Focusing Shot loses the majority of its value if you have to interrupt it even occasionally, so on fights with unpredictable movement timing, Lone Wolf tends to be better. LW is also superior on fights where pets are poor, such as Oregorger.

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