How do you guys feel about the pruning?


Trying to find out how everyone feels about it. :)
I like the lack of "not enough was removed" option.
Totally no bias.
05/04/2015 09:58 PMPosted by Liminara
I like the lack of "not enough was removed" option.
Totally no bias.

I forgot to add it and I'm unable to edit the poll. Sorry.
I didn't notice much difference. Rotations are still complex enough.

But I am glad Inquisition is gone. Empowered Seals is amazingly more annoying than Inquisition, but at least it is optional.
Too harsh for some classes. Paladins are largely unchanged, minus the removal of several CD's for each spec.
I can't speak for holy, but ret and prot were mostly unchanged so I don't really notice much of a difference.
While some spells were clipped the biggest changes were the intangibles

For holy, EF and wog weren't pruned but the instant cast was.

Going into the expansion ret had difficulty getting into rbgs. Seems like any changes to help us here were pruned before they left the drawing board. Leaving us again with the response from the devs that they can't do anything drastic until we cough up more $ for the next expansion.
im just glad Divine light was taken care of.. too many single target heals with a cast time. 2 is enough one for small damage one for big damage.

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