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Wyrmrest Accord
After almost eighty levels of saying that I wasn't interested in a guild at that particular time (and refusing those dreaded random guild invites that appear out of nowhere just because I had the misfortune of being caught as unguilded when someone was using those horrible addons for a recruitment drive), I am now in a position where I feel comfortable looking for a guild.

The sort of guild I'm interested in:

1 Has regular rp events. Bryah ICly is a Farstrider, and I would love to play that aspect of her in game as well as on the forums.

2 Raids. I haven't raided since Dragon Soul outside of LFR (*shudders*) and I still miss it. (Yes I'm aware that I probably have a lot of work to do on her gear, but have little incentive to do it atm)

3 Has people that are online and active at ALL times. This is the most important one. I am an Australian playing on American servers (WTB Oceanic RP servers btw) and am sick of being in a large guild and having at best three or four people in the guild that I actually know and can play with because my play time is out of sync with the rest of the guild. Part of the reason I haven't raided recently is not being able to find a team that raids during times that I am available and is willing to take me.

I am rather shy IRL and am not always very chatty, so I can come across as rather quiet but that's not because I'm anti-social. About the only times I'll ignore chat is in dungeons or raids, I tend to get a kind of tunnel vision and focus more on what I'm doing that what's going on in the chat window.
Hello Bryah! I am about to be heading out of town to help some family with a move for the weekend. So if you see this post and and don't hear back from me for a few days I apologize and will be back home with my PC on Monday. (PST time zone.)

Glad to hear you've decided to make the jump and start hunting for a guild. They tend to boost the amount of fun to be had here by 100% in my opinion. =)

I have a recruitment post here on the forums for Third Shift, a new guild that is just now reaching its first month as a PvE/RP guild Since you're in Australia, finding a guild that is active when you're online can be a bit of a challenge.

Third Shift was founded on the idea that for those who are online while the majority of the server is asleep or at work, it often leaves us poor guys and gals feeling lonely without anyone to share the fun times of WoW with.

We're a early morning raiding and Roleplay guild that is filled with people that work graveyard shifts, live in different time zones that are on the other side of the globe as the great server that is Wyrmrest Accord. Or just people that prefer to get their game time in early in the morning after they send their kids off to school, while the wife sleeps in or whatever the case might be.

We raid Friday and Saturday at 8:00 AM server time. As a newer guild our progression isn't as caught up compared to some of the bigger more "normal" raiding time guilds out there. Though we have made great progress in a short amount of time. Currently 7/7 Normal High Maul and 6/7 Heroic High Maul. Next weekend our plan is to go into Normal Blackrock Foundry and walk out of there with six out of the ten bosses dead.

We have a Team Speak server we use for raiding, socializing and PvPing. We also require Deadly Boss Mods for raiding and since we will be going into Normal BRF we'll be asking for an Item Level of 650. Though we remain active through out the week and group up and knock LFRs, Normal HM, World bosses and Challenge Modes down to have some fun and help anyone needing to catch up gear wise. =)

The roe play side of the guild I've been actively searching for a few players to take on a OOC leadership role, as well as possibly IC, to help in launching a constant flow of RP events for the guild to enjoy. As a newer guild, I am ashamed to admit we have been slow in getting the role play portion off the ground and running. As I've mainly been putting my effort in ensuring we're as prepared as we can be for the release of Hellfire Citadel so we can get in there as a guild that same week.

Though we still do have quite a few active roleplayers and serve as a bit of a role play hub for us that are on in the "odd" hours of the day.

If Third Shift interests you at all, or if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask! As I mentioned I'll be out of town for the next few days I will most likely not be able to respond to you until I get back. Please add me on B-Tag. Purpl3Haz3#1589 is my Battle Net.

We also have a handful of officers that you're more than welcome to give a holler.


(Posted her armory because she has a special symbol in her name. Don't know how to type those. Brat is her name.)



You can also get with anyone in the guild and they can point you in the direction of an officer if they may be on an alt or something!

I wish you the best of luck in your hunt for a guild that fits your schedule! Hope you find what it is you're looking for in a guild. =)
Since you really are in about a 10 hours gap from the server time, Third Shift should fit you pretty well!
It would have, and I was thinking about it seriously, until I worked out that I'm actually about 17 hours ahead of server. eg at time of writing, it's currently 7:00 AM Saturday here. Which unfortunately makes a raid time of 8 am impossible for me as it translates roughly into 1 am (a time when I am usually catching some serious zzzz's)

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