[A - RP Event] Stormwind U. Literary Conclave

Wyrmrest Accord
"This will have to be the last posting," she thought to herself, "I'm running out of nails." Susanna Marris held the stiff parchment close to the Trade District bulletin board, positioned one of her last few nails, and deftly hammered it in. As she did so, it occurred to her that she probably should have gotten one of her graduate assistants to do this job. She paused, shrugged, and decided that this at least got her out of the office and away from her paperwork for a while.

Stepping back, she admired her handiwork, both on the hanging job, and the flyer itself. Simple, eye-catching... it would hopefully work and draw a nice large crowd! She smiled, turned, and began the walk back to her office, leaving a number of similar posters all over the city.



Stormwind University is proud to announce its very first


An evening of storytelling, poetry, lecture, and fellowship.

All are welcome to come, and all are welcome to both listen and contribute!

Please join us this Thursday evening at 7 bells!

Location: Gazebo behind the Cathedral of Light.


((<Stormwind University> is sponsoring a regularly occurring storytelling event!

We will hold this event Weekly on Thursday evenings at 7pm server time.

The event will take place at the Gazebo, right near the lake behind the Cathedral in Stormwind.

All are welcome!

The event will be run like an open mic, and attendees can contact Suzanna to sign up to tell a story, poem, or lecture topic on a first-come, first-served basis. (Sign ups will begin 15 minutes before the start of the event.) Our only request is that stories refrain from excessively adult themes (we want to be open to all ages here) and that stories, poems, or lectures be about 5-10 minutes max in length so we have enough time for multiple people to participate.

We hope you will come and join us this Thursday night! Please contact Suzanna in-game at anytime with any questions. If you have any questions about Stormwind University, please visit our website at www.stormwind-university.com!))
I love events that include poetry and storytelling!

Even if the Sha rose up in defiance against me I would still make it to this event!

This is going to be great.
A chance to get sloshed and tell tall tales? I will be there!
Oooo, sounds like it could be interesting!
Posted in the Event sticky - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17347305129 There are a lot of events on the 14th! Good luck with your event!
We have done this within the guild, and it was great! Everyone gets a chance to tell their story, come and meet others and enjoy the stories! Great fun!
((Lindiwe - thank you so much for the post in the sticky! I had meant to contact you, and you beat me to it! Right now, we're hoping that our event fits in between the others and doesn't compete too much. If we find we're pulling folks away from another established event, we'll be happy to experiment with other days and times.

Thank you all for your interest! We're excited to see you all tomorrow night!))
((Just a quick bump as the event is tonight! So excited to see many of you there! Remember, if you'd like to sign up to tell a story, poem, or lecture - please contact me to get on the list. Signups will open at 6:45pm server time. See you there!))
Looking forward to attending this tonight! Love to see how creative people can get :)
Well, due to finals I haven't had the time to craft any stories. But I still plan to check out the event!
Great story telling/lecture event! Looking forward to next week's line up!
Alright, who was everyone's favorite speaker this week?

Mine was (and I apologize for forgetting the name) the story about the two Dwarf's.
Sadly, I had to leave halfway through, but I really enjoyed it!

Looking forward to the next gathering.
Edit to make it more clear: Is this event happening tonight? I recall it being listed as a weekly one. At least in game.
Hello everyone! We had originally planned on this being a bi-weekly event, as described above. Well, we had a rather nice turnout tonight, so looks like we'll be doing this weekly! I'll look forward to seeing even more of you next Thursday at 7pm!
Hello again! Bumping the thread to remind everyone that this is now a Weekly event, and that the next Stormwind University Literary Conclave will take place at the usual time and place this Thursday!

Thursdays, 7pm Server
Gazebo behind the Cathedral in Stormwind

As always, all are welcome!

Signups for stories begin 15 minutes before the event, at 6:45pm server. Please contact Suzanna in-game via whisper to sign up. It is highly encouraged that you write out your story ahead of time, and copy/paste it into your chat as it saves quite a bit of time, and allows us to have more speakers!

Our last two events have been simply wonderful, full of fascinating stories, lectures, poems, and songs! I'll look forward to seeing some of our regular faces, and hopefully some new ones this coming Thursday!
It;s going to be a lot of fun! Hope to see you all there!
Yay! This is today!

I'll try to write out a story later today before presenting it.

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